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From Approachability to Comfort: What it Takes to Run a Successful Hotel

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Running a hotel is one of the most difficult jobs there is in the world of business. It’s one of those tasks that requires the ability to balance the books while also interacting with the public. Many business owners become detached from their customers. But when you run a hotel, you and your staff have to communicate with them directly. So, there is no place to hide. Here’s some information on what it takes to run a hotel successfully.

Be Open and Easy to Communicate With

It’s important that people see you as being open and easy to communicate with. And the same applies to your staff members. If guests have a problem or a question, they shouldn’t be afraid to come right out and ask it. The emphasis should be on you because only you can make guests feel like they can come forward and communicate with you. If you appear flustered or unapproachable, people will simply stay away.

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Make it Easy for People to Relax

People should find it very easy to relax in your hotel. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It can often occur that people find it hard to settle and relax. You should have windows that are thick to shut out the noise. And make the bedrooms as comfortable and relaxing as they possibly can be. This should be one of your top aims. If you fail to achieve it, those guests won’t come back.

Be Serene on the Surface While Working Hard Behind the Scenes

Things are going to be chaotic at times when you are trying to run a hotel. But it’s vital that all that hard work and chaos goes on behind the scenes, away from the guests. They are not going to think positively of your hotel if they are exposed to its inner workings. That’s not for them to see, so make sure that you present a calm and serene image on the surface. This is what will keep guests satisfied and at ease.

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Know How to Attract New Guests

Hotels rely on a high turnover of customers. And that makes it essential to keep attracting new people to the hotel as guests. If you stop being able to do this, your business will begin to struggle. You need to have a strong hospitality digital marketing strategy in place to guide you. And think about which forms of advertising are most likely to be successful. Keep tweaking and changing your strategy until you have a formula that works.

Have a Strong Management Structure

As the owner of a hotel, it’s vital to have a strong management structure in place to support you. These are the people who you will have to rely on to keep things ticking over smoothly. Make sure that you can rely on every manager that you have working in the hotel. And delegate the right kinds of duties and tasks to them. To do this, you will have to understand their key skills and abilities properly.

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Are You Harming Your Conversion Rate?

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There’s nothing that gets a business owner down like unhealthy online sales. Despite the hours you’ve spent trawling through marketing blogs and making little tweaks to your company website, you’re still not seeing those sales leap up like you want them to. If this sounds familiar, then you may be committing a few damaging conversion mistakes. Read on and make sure you’re not making any of these expensive blunders!

The first thing you need to avoid doing is forgetting the emotional aspect to your website. It’s not uncommon for businesses to operate a perfectly well-designed website, and still have to deal with a miserable conversion rate. A lot of the time, this is because the person in charge was totally disregarding the emotions of people in a given target market. No matter how much we try to deny it, our emotions sway the way we buy things. The beautifully written content on your site, and all the information and details about your product, won’t mean nearly as much as the user’s emotional impulses. This is as true for B2C businesses as it is for B2B ones. If your website is feeling a bit robotic, then try to focus on the emotional aspect of it. Work on your brand persona, tell a story, or offer a solution to an issue all your customers have.


Another big slip-up is neglecting to use a “mobile first” strategy. We’re in the second half of 2016 now. We’ve moved past the mobile age, and we’re now in what some marketers call the “post-mobile age.” At one point, a website would be designed for a desktop or laptop, and then modified for use on a smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices. That’s all changed now, and a “mobile first” design strategy is gradually becoming the standard for web design and conversion rate optimisation services. In this model, the development team will ensure that your website for mobile traffic first of all, and make sure it looks fine on a desktop or laptop later. This will fill any pesky performance gaps, give you better customer segmentation, and empower your audience. Together, this will translate as a greatly improved conversion rate!

Finally, forgetting about the site speed. Yes, I know that cool new animation that’s just become available looks excellent on your site. However, when you’re working on the aesthetics of your site, it’s important to think about the impact it will have on your site speed. We’re all a little spoiled with the speed of modern broadband. Certain studies have come up with some pretty worrying figures when it comes to the impact of your site loading speed. Just one second of delay can put your bounce rate up by about 7%, meaning less conversions and less revenue. Find some simple solutions to make your website load faster, or change your host completely.

Check out your website now, and scour it for any of these mistakes. Just one can be a massive crutch to your business, and hold you back from your goals.

5 Secrets For Growing A Small Business Team

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At some point in time, every successful small business needs to think about growing their team. Even those mompreneurs working from home will soon realise that when things get good, you always need help. But when it comes to building a team, there’s a right way and a wrong way of doing things. I’ve put together this brief guide to reveal five secrets which should sign some light on the process. Read on to find out more!


Ask ‘The Big Question.’

The first question you should ask is whether you need to start hiring people full-time. It’s a big expense when you start taking on employees – and it might not be necessary right at this moment. Small businesses and mompreneurs should always investigate other business services and consider outsourcing. It will save you money, give you more experience and skills on board, and is far more efficient.

Understand What You Need

When you start building a team, it can be tempting to see it as an opportunity to become ‘The Boss’. You might like the idea that all your hard work has come to fruition, and you will finally get the chance to put your feet up. Do not, under any circumstances, start thinking like this. You’re still a small business. There are many long and arduous roads ahead. And you are likely to make silly decisions when it comes to hiring people. Sure, it’d be good to have an admin assistant. But identifying what your business needs and what will improve your business is the priority here.

Lay the Foundations

Make sure you are ready to take on new employees. There is a lot more responsibility waiting for you. There are finances to consider – wages, taxes, benefits and new equipment will all need to be paid for. You will also have your employee’s safety as a new responsibility that you won’t be used to as a mompreneur. You might benefit from investing in some health and safety training, for example. You could also look into outsourcing your human resources.

Develop Your Business Culture

It’s a lot easier to state your business culture when you are working on your own. But the second you start building a team, it can get tricky. Everyone will be working closely with each other, and it is vital that they get on. But it is also crucial that they understand the business culture you want to portray. In many cases, hiring the person that is the right fit for your business means looking at personality rather than qualifications.  

Recruit To Retain

Finally, recruitment is expensive. And if people keep leaving your company it can cost a fortune to replace them. It’s important, then, to be honest about your expectations – and what you will give your employees in return. You won’t be able to match the wages of bigger companies in your industry. But you can bring in extra benefits, and create a better work-life environment. You can also tempt people by offering shares in your company. It will help them focus on making your business a success if they can see the rewards on the road ahead.


5 Unique Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Facebook Page

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Facebook is a supreme social network in terms of user base. Worldwide there are 1.65 billion monthly active users which are increasing by 15% every year. Facebook popularity is growing and new members are joining on daily basis so there is huge exposure for your business.
According to Facebook stats 1.09 billion people log onto Facebook on daily basis and this number is rising every day.

If you or your business does not exist on Facebook you are missing a large number of audiences online and it is highly recommended to create your Facebook page as soon as possible. You can go to create new page on Facebook.
Just page creation is not enough there is need to work hard. In order to increase traffic on page you need to get more likes on page so that your post can reach too many people. For more likes people follows different ways.
Here are different ways to get desired traffic to your Facebook page.

1-Post Multiple Times Per Day:

In order to drive more traffic on your page you should post multiple times a day. By doing this you can build a strong relationship with audience and you can reach your audience multiple times and your page can get multiple clicks.

2-Upload Video to Facebook:

In order to get more traffic on page you can embed your Facebook video on another website because Facebook video is very powerful and can attract many users by this you can get huge traffic. When you embed Facebook video on another website this video also contains a link that shows on the top right of the video. As you can see in the below video, it is clear that video is posted by Social Media Boost. By watching these videos many people will click on this link and go to your page like and eventually, you will get some traffic.


3-Include Facebook Link in Every Marketing Campaign:

Each of your marketing campaign should have a link to your social media page so that your audience can find you on Facebook and you can get more traffic on your page.

4-Participate in Facebook Groups:

Participate in Facebook groups. It is the best way to get new people to like your page.
If someone has asked question in group, answer him, help people and make a presence on the group. When you will help people you will automatically get likes and traffic on your page.

5-Include Your Page in Email Signature :

Include a link to your fan page in every email you send out. Whenever someone read your email he may check your Facebook page and in this way you can also get some traffic to your page.

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6 Super Ways to Get Likes and Shares on Facebook Posts

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Facebook is a social platform with extensive users. Normally, users post their status, images, videos and they have whim for maximum likes and shares to become popular on Facebook. But it is not easy; you will need to pay Facebook to boost your post so that it can reach maximum people but this is the costly way.

It is a fact that the Facebook post reaches only to those members who like your post or have showed any previous interaction with your post. But others who only like your page but do not interact with your posts will never view your upcoming posts.

In order to get maximum exposure for your post, I am going to share 6 astonishing ways to get likes and shares quickly.

1 – Use a vivid idea:

There are many types of posts some are pictorial, others contain text and few of them contain both. But I would suggest a way to use a vivid idea because some fans are non-technical who cannot fully understand your message or may get confused.

2 – Know Your Audience:

You should have a complete knowledge about your audience that what type of posts they like and love to share. If you will publish a post that is irrelevant people will not like it or share it. You can get this data from Facebook page insight that what types of posts are getting higher number of likes.

3 – Use Captions on image:

Studies have proved that images having text get high number of likes as compared to dry text posts. People are attracted towards colorful big writings and that’s why these posts perform better than other type of posts.



4 -Use Creative way

People are attracted towards creative ideas and creative things. You can post astonishing and creative images, text posts and interesting quotes, exciting pictures and people will like it. This sort of posts attracts users and compels them to share and like.

5 – Tag people as much as you can:

This is another way to get more people to like your posts and get more interactions. Whenever you post you can tags famous people who normally like your posts. When you will tag them, they will be notified and feel excited and eventually like or share your post.

6 – Use 3rd party providers to get Likes:

There are many 3rd party providers of Facebook likes. They can put your post on high traffic pages, blogs, forums etc and make your post popular and this way you get a lot of real likes, shares and comments. You can check these monthly plans if you want to get Facebook likes on daily basis.

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