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5 Unique Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Facebook Page

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Facebook is a supreme social network in terms of user base. Worldwide there are 1.65 billion monthly active users which are increasing by 15% every year. Facebook popularity is growing and new members are joining on daily basis so there is huge exposure for your business.
According to Facebook stats 1.09 billion people log onto Facebook on daily basis and this number is rising every day.

If you or your business does not exist on Facebook you are missing a large number of audiences online and it is highly recommended to create your Facebook page as soon as possible. You can go to create new page on Facebook.
Just page creation is not enough there is need to work hard. In order to increase traffic on page you need to get more likes on page so that your post can reach too many people. For more likes people follows different ways.
Here are different ways to get desired traffic to your Facebook page.

1-Post Multiple Times Per Day:

In order to drive more traffic on your page you should post multiple times a day. By doing this you can build a strong relationship with audience and you can reach your audience multiple times and your page can get multiple clicks.

2-Upload Video to Facebook:

In order to get more traffic on page you can embed your Facebook video on another website because Facebook video is very powerful and can attract many users by this you can get huge traffic. When you embed Facebook video on another website this video also contains a link that shows on the top right of the video. As you can see in the below video, it is clear that video is posted by Social Media Boost. By watching these videos many people will click on this link and go to your page like and eventually, you will get some traffic.


3-Include Facebook Link in Every Marketing Campaign:

Each of your marketing campaign should have a link to your social media page so that your audience can find you on Facebook and you can get more traffic on your page.

4-Participate in Facebook Groups:

Participate in Facebook groups. It is the best way to get new people to like your page.
If someone has asked question in group, answer him, help people and make a presence on the group. When you will help people you will automatically get likes and traffic on your page.

5-Include Your Page in Email Signature :

Include a link to your fan page in every email you send out. Whenever someone read your email he may check your Facebook page and in this way you can also get some traffic to your page.

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6 Super Ways to Get Likes and Shares on Facebook Posts

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Facebook is a social platform with extensive users. Normally, users post their status, images, videos and they have whim for maximum likes and shares to become popular on Facebook. But it is not easy; you will need to pay Facebook to boost your post so that it can reach maximum people but this is the costly way.

It is a fact that the Facebook post reaches only to those members who like your post or have showed any previous interaction with your post. But others who only like your page but do not interact with your posts will never view your upcoming posts.

In order to get maximum exposure for your post, I am going to share 6 astonishing ways to get likes and shares quickly.

1 – Use a vivid idea:

There are many types of posts some are pictorial, others contain text and few of them contain both. But I would suggest a way to use a vivid idea because some fans are non-technical who cannot fully understand your message or may get confused.

2 – Know Your Audience:

You should have a complete knowledge about your audience that what type of posts they like and love to share. If you will publish a post that is irrelevant people will not like it or share it. You can get this data from Facebook page insight that what types of posts are getting higher number of likes.

3 – Use Captions on image:

Studies have proved that images having text get high number of likes as compared to dry text posts. People are attracted towards colorful big writings and that’s why these posts perform better than other type of posts.



4 -Use Creative way

People are attracted towards creative ideas and creative things. You can post astonishing and creative images, text posts and interesting quotes, exciting pictures and people will like it. This sort of posts attracts users and compels them to share and like.

5 – Tag people as much as you can:

This is another way to get more people to like your posts and get more interactions. Whenever you post you can tags famous people who normally like your posts. When you will tag them, they will be notified and feel excited and eventually like or share your post.

6 – Use 3rd party providers to get Likes:

There are many 3rd party providers of Facebook likes. They can put your post on high traffic pages, blogs, forums etc and make your post popular and this way you get a lot of real likes, shares and comments. You can check these monthly plans if you want to get Facebook likes on daily basis.

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Why Facebook Commerce is Important?

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First we look at e-commerce in general, it is important due to the fact that we are at the digital age, when we look for something, we don’t use the yellow pages anymore, everything is at the tip of our fingertips. We look for products and services online and we get multiple options as well as point of comparison. For the small business, we get to know the trend from what to stock more in terms of products, we can also use that in our services to focus on what is in demand.

For Facebook, almost everyone has a Facebook account and knows about it. It has become a household name. It is now important to have one for every business, irrespective of its industry or size, to understand and capitalize on the importance of social media and social commerce. As of Novemeber 2015, Facebook has 1.4 billion users. Every year, more and more people choose to create Facebook accounts to reach out to their loved ones, friends, and collegues. In a business’s sense, this is a social media platform that cannot be ignored.

If you are searching or looking for the perfect reason to consider social commerce, it should be because, “majority of social media users are here.” There are multiple reasons why businesses choose to use Facebook than other social media providers and these are the major ones:

  1. They can make it easy for current customers and potential customers to find them.
  2. They can engage all market, especially their target market audiences and stay connected with them.
  3. They can use Facebook as a low cost marketing tool that offers quality results.
  4. It fosters a community of loyal customers to keep coming back and even spread the news about the  business.

And the most important thing in all business is to increase sales and revenue through social commerce.

facebook commerce

There are lots of reasons that we can add here but I’d like to focus on the top 5 mentioned above, they are essential for every business to be searchable and accessible, it’s like handing your virtual calling card to the right people. Once you get the attention, you need to be keen in listening to your consumers. It is vital to give customer satisfaction, otherwise, it won’t give you the boost you need. It is a double edge sword as it may give bad feedback to bad experiences and this may drive potential customers away but this does not give you all negative results as you can interact with those dissatisfied customers to tell you what they didn’t want, what they experience that was bad for them and this can help you correct the errors.

Also to be featured in Facebook is quite inexpensive knowing the large audience it can garner, it is a good investment plus you can tweak it to customize in targeting specific audiences that are into what you are offering. Lastly, it will help your physical store in terms of meeting your goals or even surpassing what you target. Overall, this is key in every business now, invest in Facebook commerce.

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Basic Tips to Attract New People on Facebook

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1: Complete Your Facebook Business Page Profile:

Your Facebook Page is the first thing individuals see when they come to visit you on Facebook. Tell guests why they ought to like you! Make an appealing portrayal and verify you sort your page accurately. Likewise make a point to rundown your location, telephone number and hours of operation (if relevant). Not just will this advise your potential adherents, it will tell Facebook what sort of association you are so they know to demonstrate your page when clients are scanning for organizations like yours – which can expand your Facebook likes significantly more!

2: Add Like Box to Your Site:

Guests on your site ought to have the capacity to  find your Facebook Page effectively. My suggestion is to utilize Facebook’s Social Plugins, in the same way as the Like box plugin, to get more Facebook preferences. These plugins incorporate a like catch, your late posts, and pictures of some of your fans.


3: End up Being Timely:

Your crowd are often more going to build relationships posts as soon as they’re associated with topics which can be top regarding mind, like recent occasions or Christmas.

Timeliness is additionally important as soon as replying to be able to comments with your posts. Your more quickly an individual solution, a lot more likely supporters will certainly build relationships an individual down the road.

Idea: Submit an everyday sneak quick look regarding upcoming revenue 2 weeks prior to Dark Fri or Cyber Saturday.

4:  Make it Live/Exists:

Encourage your current facebook webpage within actual. There are numerous techniques advertise your current facebook webpage within actual. More People will regularly observe concerning your current facebook webpage within actual, the possibilities of these people traveling to and taste your current facebook webpage raises.

Idea: Produce your current facebook webpage website and place it in your store

Produce your current facebook webpage website in the invoices as well as news which you spend on your customer. Once you implement all these, you will find a huge number of fans with lots of like.


5: Reach More People on Facebook:

We have an advertising system by which we can help you reach alot of real people on facebook. What we do we advertise your page to related people with the help of blogs, forums, websites, groups and communities. When your page is advertised to large number of people many of them will like the page with their own intention.

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5 ways to Increase Your Reach on Facebook Without Ads

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Social media is an integral part of internet marketing process. The people who target social media also know that Facebook is still most popular platform. Many people on Facebook rely on ads to promote their business to increase their fans with the help of Facebook ads. But, there are many other ways for advertisement that can give you better result for long time. Here are some of the best techniques to increase your Facebook reach.

Learn Patience:

Normally growth of likes on Facebook is slow, and some people want to see explosive growth on Facebook. They want their page become popular over a night but this is not possible. You need to show patience because patience is most important part in reaching more people online. Why people fail to grow on Facebook because they give up so early and growth seems slow. Therefore do not lose hope and be patience.

Post Great Material:

Content is everything when we talk about SEO and same rule apply on social media promotion. If the content or material you are posting is not great and not impressing your audience then people will not feel comfortable staying with your page and sooner or later they will unlike the page. Similarly great posts go viral itself and people love to share them.

Deals and Incentives:

To promote your business, offering deals and incentives can be a great way for improvement of your followers in a very short time. You can offer discounts and coupons that can help for your business. Before offering deals and incentives it is good for you to determine that this deal is profitable for you.

Post at the Right Frequency:

If someone follows you on Facebook, then he/she wants to see your blog post. If they do not see regular updates then they unfollow your page. People also unfollow your page if you’re posting too frequently. So, if you want to ask feedback and hope for good comments then you have to find the possible right balance.


Last But Not Least:

As we mentioned above that there are many alternatives so this is the best alternative to improve your Facebook reach. That is when your page is advertised on high traffic pages you will get a lot of real Facebook likes.

What we do? We will put your page on high traffic pages which we manage where it will be noticed by lots of real people who will like your page, post, photo and status whatever it is and in this way you will get huge number of likes. Click the button below to order Facebook likes.