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How To Get Facebook Photo URL Link

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Every photo you see on Facebook has a unique URL. You can get that URL and send it to anyone that will allow him to view the photo even without login to Facebook. There are many reasons why you need to get Facebook photo like URL, You can put this URL on website or blog to allow non-Facebook users to view your photo or you want to get Facebook likes for that photo so that general public can like that photo. Normally those who are not in your friend list.

Get Photo URL on Facebook:

It is very easy and you just need to follow these simple steps to get Facebook photo URL for any photo that is shared on any profile or Facebook page.

1 – Open the profile or page where photo is shared

2 – Click on the link showing time when it was shared (see screenshot below)

3 – On the next page copy the URL from the address bar of your browser

4 – This is the unique photo URL for Facebook


Difference between Public photo and Private Photo on Facebook:

There are two ways to share a photo.

  1. Privately shared
  2. Publicly shared

Photos can be shared as a Publicly or Privately. Each photo whether it is shared publicly or privately has an icon that shows if it is public or private.

You can see publicly shared photos whether you are friend or not. And you can also Like and Share that photo. Publicly shared photos have a globe icon as show in the below screenshot.


You can see publicly shared photos whether you are friend or not. And you can also Like and Share this photo. If you want that your photo likes increase then you share it must be publicly.

How to Share Photo Privately and Publicly on Facebook:

If you want to share photo privately then go to add photo and selects friends from friends drop down menu and post it. As shown in below.


If you want to share photo publicly you need to select public from the friends drop down menu. In this way your photo will be visible to all.


Get Likes And Shares For  Facebook Photos:

We have a system by which we can deliver real Facebook photo likes and shares for any photo which is shared publicly on Facebook. What we do we advertise your photo to a lot of people on Facebook. When your photo is shared publicly then it is easy to get its URL and anyone who is not your friend can easily likes your photo or share. Click the button below to get Facebook Likes and Shares.

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Most Reliable Way to Get More Photo Likes

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Thanks for showing interesting in this interesting blog post. Today we are going to discuss the most effective way to get more facebook likes for your photo. People shares a lot of things on facebook and all of them do not get huge number of likes. People only like those things which catch their attention and rest of things are ignored. The process which I am going to share can generate likes for anything you share on facebook regardless of its interesting or not.

What If the Photo is Not Interesting?

There is no matter if the photo is interesting or not. You will still get a large number of likes on that photo or status. For example if your page has limited number of likes or you are sharing a photo on your wall and you have few friends then it will not get enough number of likes even if the photo is interesting.

Make Sure That Photo is Public:

First of all you need to make sure that the photo you are going to post on facebook must be posted as public and should be accessible without login to facebook. That means anyone from outside the facebook can view the photo and if he/she is login to facebook he can further like the photo.


Put the Photo on High Traffic Pages:

What we do we manage, control and monitor a lot of high traffic website, pages, groups and communities. Let us help you share your photo on high traffic pages where it will be seen by lots of real facebook users and they will like your photo. In this way you will get huge number of likes in just few hours. Click the button below to get started.

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How to Get 1000 Likes on Facebook Pictures

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Thanks for showing interest in reading this interesting blog post. Its actually a real story of one of our customer which she wished to be posted on our blog so that our audience can better undersatnd how it works.

Things are not as much easy as they seems to be. Few days back one of my friend told me that he has got 1000 likes on the picture he posted on his profile and he has won the photo likes contest hosted by his class fellows. I was shocked to know that he only has 129 friends added on facebook, how come that he has got that much amount of likes on his photo. I asked the reason but he did not wish to explain the process and the source from where he got 1000 likes on that photo.

Anyone on Facebook can Like Your Picture:

Well, I keep on searching and explored the photo which we were talking about and I could see that most of the poeple liking the photo were not from his friend list and I realized that they were real facebook users then I came to realize that anyone on facebook can like the picture if it is set as public. What he did he posted the photo as public that means anyone can access the picture and like that. Well, nice trick was that.

Put Your Picture on High Traffic Page or Website:

What he did next, he placed that photo URL (see the image below how to get the photo URL) on some high traffic pages and websites where it was noticed by lots of facebook users who liked that picture and made him win the contest. Now the question is that how he reached those high traffic website and pages?


This is how he got the photo URL

When I explained him all this story he told me that he went to who have a team of professional running lots of high traffic pages, websites and blogs where they can advertise your page, photo, video or any facebook status and can get you thousands of real likes in just few hours.

How I Reached Those High Traffic Pages and Websites:

I simply logged on to and communicated with their live chat agent and he helped me in a very good way that they can deliver 1000 of real picture likes in few hours so I placed the order and got more then 1000 likes for my picture too and you will shocked to know that I was the next winner in photo likes contest.

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A guest blog post written by one of our happy customer: Adrienne smith

How I won the Competition by Purchasing Facebook Photo Likes

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In this blog post we are going to share a happy story which is one of our customer write about our Photo Likes service. He was about to participate in a photo like contest and he contacted us. We gave him the plan and made him win the photo likes competitions. Here we go.

Photo Likes Contest in my College:

Hi, I am Chris and I am a college student. Everyone is using Facebook in my class and many of my class mates are keep on hosting Facebook photo likes contest. I was a silent observer in the class and was not too much in the contest or hustle and bustle. This time they also invited me to participate in the photo likes competition. I was not happy because I am not an expert Facebook user and I use just to pass the time and to communicate with other friends.

The Story About Photo Likes Game:

We were 4 participants in the game. All of us were assigned same photo which we will be using on our wall and we will invite all of our friends, collogue and other members of Facebook to likes that photo. The participant who will bring maximum number of likes to that photo will be the winner of the game. And amazingly the winner will get a prize of $500. OMG! After knowing this I started taking interest in the game.

Easy and Quick Way for Photo Likes:

All of us invited all frinds, family members to like the photo but no one could cross 1000 likes on that photo. We had 1 day left for photo likes competition. I started exploring photo likes providers and I reached I contacted them on live chat that I want 2000 photo likes within 24 hours. Support team assisted me and cooperated with me. I was not expecting that I will get likes to quickly and just for $80 I got 2000 likes on my photo.

Who Was the Winner of Photo Likes Contest?

OMG! the very next day when we reached college. All of the participants were hesitant to talk to me. At the same time all of our class mate checked number of likes for all the 4 participants and Finally they declared me the winner. I had more then 2000 likes on the photo and all of them has less the 1000 likes on photo. I was awarded the $500 amount of prize.


Thanks to

I would highly appriciate the service they provided and I would recommend all those who are participating in photo likes competition and want to win the contest easily.

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3 Interesting Ways to Get More Photo Likes

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Ok so now you have created your page what now? You need page likes now if you want to get Facebook insight and you also want to increase your page reach (to how many people your post is appearing). What to do for that? How can we increase our page likes? How can I increase the page reach? How can I promote my page to as many people as it is possible?

There are 3 simple ways to get started

Your Page Content Should be Appealing

Content of the page is the most important thing when you are going to promote your page. As there are so many ways to attract people to visit your page as I’ve been talking about in my previous articles but when the person visits the content decides that he will stay or not. If the content is catchy and attractive and is according to the interest of the person, he will surly stay to see more and will also like the page to get further updates in future. But if the content is irrelevant or blur or not up to the mark then he might not enjoy and get away.


Get Likes Now

Now when you have good content on your page, it is time to boost your likes on your page as to reach more people you need more likes. At least you should have 1k likes to get started. There are several ways which I have discussed in my previous articles which can give you sufficient likes. But for faster boost you can click here to view photo likes packages and take advantage of this service. But beware of those fake companies which ask your user name and password to deliver likes. Only URL is required to give likes as they just promote your URL in all their links to get you like. So search consciously and decide after good thinking if you don’t trust.

Be Active on Facebook Page

Now when you have good contacts and good number of likes, all you need to do is just retain what you have. The best way to do it is to be an active person. Both ways of posting are wrong as in most cases posting too much or posting once in a month is proved bad in page management. So post 4 to 5 posts daily including humor, product related posts and hot topics. Be active and engage with people. Like their activity to get back the favor and engage maximum.

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