Facebook has been purchased a lot of companies which are increasing the Facebook objectives and most popular over the internet. Now a day’s Facebook is going on top order in social networks, therefore every person wants to start the business on the Facebook.

There is some list of companies that Facebook acquired and achieve their objectives.

Whatsapp ($16 Billion)

Whatsapp is the latest and greatest app which is bought by Facebook recently. This app is one of the most expensive apps lists of Facebook.  The details are on Facebook’s purchase Whatsapp was completely a runaway success. The offer of $16 billion, in addition $3 billion are in store for Whatsapp workers that will vest in more than four years.


This arrangement gives a certain lord of mobile messaging to the Facebook, whereas it gives a profitable way to the organization into underdeveloped nations where Whatsapp’s short-term interface is manufactured to grow.


Onavo ($150 Million)

Onavo was founded in 2010, has two parts of its business. The first part is app performance and battery life on iOS and Android devices. The second part is consumer facing apps to help optimize device. Onavo also give a much deeper technology surface to the company to measure how mobile services are working, how to make them work in optimized way on mobile devices and who is using them. This can be applied on basic users and commercial users. Onavo is all about smart phones. That’s why Facebook bought this app.

Instagram ($1 Billion)

Instagram is providing to its users to share photos, videos and social networking services. User can take pictures and share them on all social networking services like Twiter, Facebook, and Flicker etc.

At one point, when instagram beat the iOS scene in 2010. It became the most modern thing. The interesting thing is, photograph driven organization caught the interest of iOS users and had others envious and willing to join in on the fun. But Facebook could not beat the photograph posting app that’s why Facebook bought this app.