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Most Trusted Service

We have worked with some of the top brands that rely on us. We are proud to say that we are a trusted service provider for Facebook likes and Instagram followers and customer trust is our top priority.

Market Leader

We are operating since 2009 and we have served thousands of customers like you, that’s why we are considered the pioneer of the likes industry and that is the reason our customers trust us.

Safe Method

We use legit ways to promote your page or profile to acquire likes and followers. We do not use any fake or artificial way to generate likes. That’s why there is no risk involved.

Buy Real USA Facebook Likes

Our system is so powerful that it can deliver thousands of real USA likes. We also have the ability to speed up or slow down the delivery process.

Responsive Customer Support

We have a dedicated customer support team that will answer all your questions quickly. If you have any questions simply click the chat box and we will be right there to help you.

Safety and Privacy

We take safety and privacy very seriously. We do not share any of your information with anyone at any cost. So feel confident when placing an order with us.

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We are Extremely Affordable

Buy Facebook page likes with Paypal

We offer you to buy Facebook page likes at an affordable price with Paypal. We can make you famous on Facebook by delivering real likes on your page and posts. You can buy likes with Paypal or any type of debit/credit. We can make your page visible to thousands of Facebook audiences who will show interest in your page/post and will eventually like your page with their own intention.

Everyone can create a page and post photos and statuses there but if no one is reading them, there is no benefit to posting to your pages. That’s why we have discovered the most powerful way of increasing  likes. 


How much time does it take to deliver likes on my page?

Normally, it takes 12 hours to deliver 1000 likes but if you want fast or slow delivery, we can do that.

Why we say that these are 100% real Facebook likes?
Real likes mean people will like your page with their own intention having real Facebook profile. We do not use any artificial mean, software or auto bots to generate these likes. When a user will see your page on his/her wall, its his/her own will that he like it or not that why we say that these are 100% real likes. Read more about Facebook likes.
How we do it?
We have lots of Facebook pages, communities, groups, blogs and websites on almost all categories. We advertise your page link or photo on our network of pages to acquire number of likes you have ordered. When your page is advertised to a large number of audience, many of them will become your fan with their own intention and your page will get more popularity.
What categories we have covered?
We have pages on almost all categories including business services, art, music, club, musician and bands, community, technology, health & beauty, games, sports, websites and a lot more.

Need Instagram Followers from the USA and Europe?

We have a premium service that can deliver real and active followers all from USA and Europe only.

Buy Facebook Likes for Contest

Are you going to participate in a photo likes contest? or want to beat your competitors wisely? then you have come to the right place. We can help you gain a lot of photo likes naturally that will make you win the contest. Just Buy Facebook post likes and we will silently deliver likes on your photo.

We can also spy on your competitors and make sure you always stay ahead of them. Even to dodge we can do a sudden rise at the last minute so no one can defeat you.

We have helped many people like you win the photo likes contest. Contest held in schools where different students participate or it can be a beauty contest, we can help you win the Facebook photo likes contest.

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Are you a Reseller? Looking for Bulk Prices for Facebook likes?

We are already working with many resellers at bulk prices. If you are an agency that needs likes and followers for clients, You can rely on us for the regular growth of likes and followers.

You know that with the limited reach of Facebook you cannot increase the likes naturally and it may take years to reach the first one thousand likes on Facebook and you have to put a lot of time and effort into designing posts so it’s a tough job.

How about you can just focus on your business? Just sit and watch the number of likes rising each day without any effort. Our likes are 100% safe and they do not drop. Click the button below to check our bulk prices for big orders. You can also split your big orders into more than one page.

See What our Happy Customers Say

We take every single project very seriously and work on it sincerely till final delivery. That’s why people love what we do.
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John, Records Company

My friend recommended me to buy likes from them for a contest. I talk to the Mark on live chat and he helped me win the Facebook photo likes contest. Thanks, I recommend them.

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Instantly become famous

Buy Facebook likes to boost your brand visibility! With so much competition on the market, it has become nearly impossible to get a few thousand real likes with the help of natural ways. In 2009, Facebook launched the “Like” button and since that time, this button has built up a reputation as the most valuable asset on social media. People are now addicted to raising the number of likes on their business pages as they consider it a sign of the value and popularity of their brand. The trend of buying Facebook likes is rising day by day as a lot of businesses and especially celebrities, musicians, bands, and media persons are trying to become famous on Facebook.

Why Facebook Likes are important?

The big giant Facebook was established back in 2004 and since then it has expanded significantly. Facebook offered features like sharing news, groups, poll and surveys, videos without time restrictions, etc. earlier than any other social network. Despite having several alternative social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok, and others, it continues to keep the position of being the biggest and most used social media network. Facebook has been credited as the Internet’s innovator for a number of new internet technologies. Being the “first” in the industry is still advantageous to the brands and buying Facebook likes is the right decision and best choice for every online brand.

Buy Facebook Page Likes to improve your social presence

Facebook is now being used as a mass media company where every news agency, media house, newspaper, and TV channel has its own community pages and they are interacting with them instantly. Even online brands are providing customer service via Facebook chat and live commenting. You can even influence political situations in your country, check people’s opinions, and read their comments as well. Numerous political and civil protests were planned using the Facebook page.

Facebook is still a growing market for those who want to promote their product or services online or want to target new customers online. It is a great social media platform and has a significant impact on people and the community. If you have a page or profile, you can buy Facebook page likes or followers to improve its visibility.

Why Should You Buy Facebook Likes?

There are many reasons why you need to buy likes and if you manage a Page, you are well aware of how challenging it can be to remain consistent while still failing to gain enough likes and followers. You need plenty of time to create, design, and publish posts on your page, and then scheduling them on weekly basis is another hurdle.

Here are some reasons why should you buy likes on Facebook:

  • You will observe an instant rise in the number of likes for your brand page
  • Number of likes show up in search engine, more likes mean more search visibility
  • If you sell your product or service online, buying likes will increase your sales.
  • The Snowball effect will attract more new likes and followers to your page
  • You’ll eventually get more Facebook popularity.

What are the advantages of buying Facebook likes?


If you purchase a package of likes and followers for your page, you’ll notice two things. The number of likes which are committed and the price both are fixed. Once you place the order, a fixed amount of likes are delivered to your desired page whereas on Facebook ads, there are lots of ifs and buts and they commit to the number of reaches but number the actual number of followers you will get.

Secondly, ads are not a good choice as it consumes a lot of your budget and delivers a very little amount of likes. On the other hand, you need to hire a PPC professional to design, manage and control your PPC campaign or you will lose all your money. Needless to say that buying Facebook likes is the best option to gain more popularity and enhance the social media presence of your online brand. 

  1. It is cheaper than running FB PPC ads
  2. Pay fix amount for an agreed number of likes and not the number of people reached
  3. No-login password or page admin access needed
  4. You can buy likes/followers for your own page or any other page
  5. Likes will have a non-drop guarantee which means if they drop we will give you a free refill

Facebook Page Likes

100 page likes: $5

300 page likes: $12

500 page likes: $19

1000 page likes: $29

2500 page likes: $69

5000 page likes: $99

10k page likes: $179

25k page likes: $399

How Can You Buy Facebook Page Likes?

It’s very easy to buy Facebook page likes. We have a set amount of packages. You need to choose your desired package from its respective page and then provide your page URL along with contact info. After that, you will be taken to a secure Paypal page for the payment, and you are done.

  • All payments are processed via Paypal
  • Non-drop guarantee
  • Real and active page likes and followers
  • You can also Buy Facebook page likes USA
Facebook Followers

100 page/profile followers: $5

300 page/profile followers: $12

500 page/profile followers: $19

1000 page/profile followers: $29

2500 page/profile followers: $69

5000 page/profile followers: $99

10k page/profile followers: $179

25k page/profile followers: $399

Why Should you Buy 1000 Facebook Likes?

If you want to buy likes on the Facebook post you can place the order from its respective page. We also have a dedicated page for Facebook followers. If you need just followers for your page or profile you can order them directly from its page.

  • Facebook page likes are only for Facebook pages that have a like button on them. Some pages get both likes and followers
  • If you are from the USA or any other country but want to target USA customers then USA Facebook likes are the best option for you.
  • Facebook post likes are for a particular post. You can get them for page posts or profile posts. They are valid for photo posts, video posts,s or just text posts.
  • Facebook followers are for those pages where there is no like button showing up and they have just an option to follow. You can also buy Followers for your profile.
  • If you need Facebook post reactions which are love reactions (hears), care, anger, haha, wow, and sad reactions you can order them from its page.
  • Post shares are for those who want to increase the number of shares for their Facebook post. We can deliver shares for a page’s post or a profile’s post.

Buy Facebook likes with Paypal and debit/credit card

We offer you to buy Facebook likes with Paypal and all types of debit/credit cards. Although our server is secured still we do not store any of your information on our server.

When you choose your desired package for Facebook likes, you will enter your page/profile or post URL and contact email and then you be taken to the Paypal website for the secure payment. All the payments are processed by Paypal and we do not ask for any login or credit card info.

Buy Facebook likes with Paypal

Are you looking to Buy USA Facebook Likes?

You have come to the right place. We have a dedicated service that is specially designed for US clients and people who want to target the USA market. We offer both USA Page likes and US Facebook post likes. In both of these services, you will get all real and active likes only from the USA. There will not be a single likes from any other country. That is what we promise.

  • US page likes are only for Facebook pages that have a like button on them. Some pages get both likes and followers and in that case, you will get both likes and followers.
  • USA post likes are for a particular post. You can get them for page posts or profile posts. They are valid for Facebook photo posts, video posts,s or just text posts.
  • USA followers are for those pages where there is no like button showing up and they have just an option to follow. We also call them Facebook profiles. You can buy USA followers from this page
  • If you need Facebook USA post reactions which are love reactions (hears), care, anger, haha, wow, and sad reactions. We do offer all USA Facebook reactions but we do not have a dedicated page for it. You can contact us and we will offer you this service.
  • USA profile followers If you have a profile and you want all USA Facebook profile followers, you have come to the right place. We do offer profile followers from the USA only. You can order them from this page.