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 Instagram Likes For Photo, Video and reel

Tired of Instagram Limited reach? Try us

With the recent Instagram changes, your post reach has become limited and you do not get an increased number of likes for anything you post on Instagram. That means people will see only a few posts, not all of your posts. That’s the reason you are getting no likes on your posts. In order to improve your Instagram reach you need to buy Instagram post likes. These are real post likes that do not drop.  


  • 100% genuine Instagram likes
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More Post Likes, More Reach

When you purchase Instagram post likes, your post or message will hit more people on Instagram and there are chances that they will buy the product or services you are promoting. It can be used for winning photo like contests and we can make you win the contest.

How We will Improve Post Likes

When you place an order for post likes, we will promote it on high-traffic pages, blogs, forums, and Facebook pages with millions of active people. The amount you are paying is the cost of advertising on these networks. In this way, you will get real post likes.

How Much Time Does It Take?

It can take up to 24 hrs to deliver 1000 likes but if you want fast or slow delivery or slow we can also do that. Just contact us.

Split your Order

You have the option to buy one package and split it into more than one Instagram posts. Please contact us to make an arrangement.

Choose Your Desired Package

We assure you that these are real likes and you are paying for the quality service.

100 Instagram Likes


  • 100% Real Instagram Likes
  • Safe method
  • Delivery in 24 Hours

300 Instagram Likes


  • 100% Real Instagram Likes
  • Safe method
  • Delivery in 24 Hours

500 Instagram Likes


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  • Delivery in 24 Hours

1000 Instagram Likes


  • 100% Real Instagram Likes
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  • Delivery in 48 Hours

2500  Instagram Likes


  • 100% Real Instagram Likes
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5,000 Instagram Likes


  • 100% Real Instagram Likes
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  • Delivery in 72 Hours

10,000 Instagram Likes


  • 100% Real Instagram Likes
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  • Delivery in 7-10 Days

25,000 Instagram Likes


  • 100% Real Instagram Likes
  • Safe method
  • Delivery in 15-20 Days

Buy Instagram likes to become famous on social media

Instagram likes are an integral part of judging anyone’s popularity. There is no doubt that well-known personalities and celebrities get a huge number of likes easily but we know you are not that famous so why not use our trusted and reliable Instagram likes service to skyrocket your likes for anything you publish on Instagram? We do have an automatic social media likes service where you can buy a monthly plan for Instagram likes and we will deliver a certain number of likes each. Instagram likes are the potential customers that drive traffic to your profile and ultimately your business can get more leads and customers. Moreover, you can attract new people with the help of an increased amount of likes on your profile.  Gaining real momentum on Social media is challenging and most importantly standing out from the crowd is the hardest thing to do. If you are facing the same problem, you have come to the right place and we have the best solution for this. We offer real and active likes for Instagram posts that will boost your presence on social media. if you are looking for Premium quality Instagram likes then go to this page.

Why should you buy Instagram likes from

Buying Instagram likes for your photo or video is the best idea to instantly become famous on social media platforms. Getting social media popularity can be more challenging them you think and it could take months or years to hit the first few likes for your Instagram post. We offer you a short and easy way to boost your Instagram presence and impress others by having real Instagram likes within a day. Buying Instagram likes will improve your overall profile and presence on Instagram in many ways like being featured on explore page etc. If you really want to increase the engagement on your Instagram profile you need to buy at least 1000 likes for all your Instagram posts. We always deliver the best possible service for likes on Instagram, we do not use fake accounts or bots that dropoff and that’s why we offer a non-drop guarantee to all our customers that means, if the Instagram likes are dropped for any reason we will refill them with no extra cost.

Can I buy Instagram likes using Paypal?

If you are looking to buy Instagram likes with Paypal, you have come to the right place. We are a registered company and have a business Paypal account so feel confident while placing an order with us. You are on a trusted site that is operating since 2009 and offer you to buy likes for Instagram using Paypal. We also accept all types of debit/credit cards for payments. We do have US, UK, Canada, and Australia bank accounts for payment but our preferred mode of payment is Paypal. We know that customers feel satisfied while paying via Paypal.

Best Site to Buy Instagram Likes

We always make sure to deliver real and non-drop likes to your Instagram photo or video. We use legit ways to deliver high-quality likes. If you check the profiles you will come to know that they are real uses for having profiles and posts. Our minimum package starts from 100 Instagram likes and we can deliver a maximum of 100k Instagram to any post you share.
  • buy 100 Instagram likes
  • buy 300 Instagram likes
  • buy 500 Instagram likes
  • buy 1000 Instagram likes
  • buy 2500 Instagram likes
  • buy 5000 Instagram likes
  • buy 10k Instagram likes
  • buy 25k Instagram likes
 Real and non-drop Instagram likes will not only help you gain more social trust but also build brand awareness on social media platforms. Based on these reasons, we are proud to say that we are the best site to buy Instagram likes.

Buy 1000 Instagram likes for $12

If you are looking to buy 1000 Instagram likes you have come to the right website. Our best-selling package is 1000 likes for Instagram which will cost you just $12 and normally 1000 likes are delivered within 5 to 6 hours. We do a faster delivery if you want or slow down the process to make it look more natural. Just place the order and inform us in live chat, email, or WhatsApp and we will follow your instructions.  
  • All real likes from active accounts
  • Quick delivery with affordable price
  • Secure payment via Paypal
  • No Fake accounts
  • Non-drop guarantee

Are these real Instagram likes?

These are all 100% real and active likes. If you will check their profiles you will come to know that they have profile pictures and regular posts on them.

How much time it will take to deliver 1000 Instagram likes?

Normally, it takes a maximum of 5 to 6 hours to deliver the 1000 likes to any post on Instagram but we do have the option to speed up or slow down the delivery process. Just inform us in live chat, email, or WhatsApp.

How can I buy Instagram likes?

It’s very easy to buy Instagram likes. Follow the below-mentioned steps to buy likes for Instagram.
  • Choose your desired package from (100 to 25000 likes)
  • Fill in your order details (post URL and contact email)
  • Pay for Instagram likes using Paypal
  • Relax and see the number rising

Can I get Instagram likes for video or reel?

We do offer likes for video, real, and pictures. You just need to place the normal order and provide your reel, video, or post URL to get Instagram likes.

How many likes can I buy for my Instagram account?

You can buy likes for all your posts or buy them for a single post. You have the option to purchase a single package and split your order to more than one post but the minimum number we can deliver is 100 likes.

How much does it cost to buy likes on Instagram?

You can check the pricing on top of this page and we do not charge much. The amount we are charging the actually the cost of advertising and running the groups, website, forums, and blogs we own.

Is it safe to buy Instagram likes?

This is 100% safe and secure to buy Instagram likes. Think of it as an investment for your brand where a lot of people will notice your Instagram post and the number of likes will rise quickly.

Can I get banned for buying likes on Instagram?

We use natural ways to promote your Instagram post. It’s like you are buying an advertising package and we advertise your photo to a large number of people to acquire a number of likes. There is no risk involved in purchasing likes for Instagram and you will get banned or penalized in any way.

What is the maximum number of Insta likes you can deliver?

The minimum number of likes that we can deliver to any Instagram post likes is 100 likes. The maximum number we can do is 100K likes but we have a standard package of 25k likes. If you need more than 25k likes for a post, just contact us and we will help you.

Is it illegal to buy Instagram likes?

We agree with Instagram’s terms and conditions and policies. You are buying an advertising package similar to Facebook advertising and it is 100% legal to buy Instagram likes.

Can I buy Instagram likes using Paypal?

Yes, you can buy Instagram likes using Paypal. When you will choose your desired package, you will be taken to an order form and then you will redirect to the Paypal website for payment. We do not store any of your information on our website.

Do you give a non-drop guarantee?

We offer a non-drop guarantee to all our customers. Even if you buy 100 likes or 25k likes. You qualify for a non-drop guarantee. That means if your likes are dropped for any reason within the 3 months of purchase. We will refill them free of cost. No questions asked.