The Ultimate Guide to Buy Facebook Likes in 2023

The old days are gone and It’s the year 2023. More competitors in the market but still lots of opportunities. There have been a lot of changes at Facebook over the past few months and Facebook is still performing some experiments to make the social media giant more profitable, easy to manage and help fight spam. On the other hand, it is giving a tough time to the general public who are not technology nave and they have to pass through all the security checks when they change their device or forget passwords.

Facebook still has a lot of updates to come in which will screw business pages as well as advertisers to throw more money into ads or they will limit the reach. As Facebook has already announced in this update that they’re about to limit the number of ads that a page can run within a given time period.

Facebook Limited Reach Will Still Remain a Problem in 2023

Many of you already know that Facebook started limiting post reach back in 2014 when only a few followers will see your post based on their previous interaction with your posts and others will remain blind followers.

Actually, it was a strategy to push people to use the boost post option. The blue button always asks to boost anything we publish on our page. There are chances that Facebook further updates this feature based on user interaction but no update so far about this.

Best Solution for Limited Reach on Facebook

There are a lot of debates in social media seminars that valuable content is the key to success but what to do if valuable content does not reach the targeted audience. You have already started noticing that the limited reach of your post has been a big problem and you cannot afford to buy ads or boost every single post there is no doubt that it will give rise to regular business expenses and many of us cannot afford it.

I think the best way is to forget to boost post and hire a 3rd party provider who will deliver likes instantly as you publish a new post. (More info can be found here)

Branding on Social Media in 2023

As I mentioned above things are changing pretty fast in 2023 and if you will not follow the trend of branding you will be left behind in the race. You may have known that Facebook has recently discontinued gray verified pages and Facebook said

“We’re always working on better ways to help people understand more about the Pages they interact with. We introduced grey verification badges in 2015 to show which Pages for businesses and organisations are authentic. However, we’ve found that they can be more confusing than helpful, so we’re removing them on 30 October.”


2023 is the year in which more brands are working on improving their social media presence using different tactics, advanced tools, and the latest techniques. If you are planning to have more posting that’s not the key to success in 2023. You will need to learn how to work smartly instead of blindly putting effort and posting tons of items each day that are noticed by none.

Social Media Branding Can Be a Problem:

Social media branding can be a big problem for both small and large-scale businesses Particularly for celebrities and the music industries. You may have thousands of real people who listen to your music or buy your products and services BUT there is value if they are not connected to your social media channel, this is where you can lag behind your competitors.

The Solution

I would say it is absolutely not a bad idea to buy a few thousands of likes if you have a new Facebook page because no one will like a page having less than 100 likes.

The difference between Facebook Likes and Followers

This is very important to learn the difference between likes and followers. Both terms can confuse you.

  • A Like is a person who has chosen to attach their name to your Page as a fan.
  • A follower is a person who has chosen to receive the updates that you post in their news feed (subject to the Facebook algorithm of course).

Definition Source:

A person may unfollow a page (maybe to get no updates) but will remain like for your page

Now it depends on the nature of your business whether you want to target more likes or followers. For celebrities, music/band pages’ likes matter a lot because they have millions of fans around the world, and people like them. But if you are a business that offers products/services then it is necessary that your post should reach your followers and if your followers will not hit the like, share button or comment on any post they will probably see fewer updates from your future posts. A person who likes your page can also be a follower.

Conventional Social Media Technique Will Not Work in 2023

You may have read a lot of articles where people explain conventional ways to improve your social media followers and likes but unfortunately, they will not work effectively in 2023. Let me ask you a question how many times you have liked a page suggested by one of your friends on Facebook? Very rare, right? That’s true for most people. Most of us get irritated when we see a notification for page suggestions. So inviting all of your friends will give you only peanut likes.

Linking your page to your website? OK, it can give you a few more peanuts but not a huge rise. The same goes for distributing cards in meetups or including social media links in email signatures. Also, posting a lot of valuable content will not give you a lot of likes because of limited reach. What to do then? Third-party websites such as SocialWick sell Facebook likes, comments, followers, and more to help you achieve any goal you set for your page.

Follow Competitor’s Footprints on Social Media

Your competitor is getting smarter in 2023 using the latest technique. There are a lot of social media competitor analysis tools that can give you an exact idea about your competitors. It’s like you are spying on them. Here is a list of top 21 competitor analysis tools for social media

Remember, you can have a lot of ideas and techniques from your competitors. There must be a lot of things which they are doing but you are not doing. You can consider them as an opportunity and start working on it.


2023 is the year of Social Media Automation

If you look around, you will notice that things are moving toward automation and artificial intelligence, hence you need to learn social media automation tools that famous brands are using these days.

Social Media Automation Tools

Social Media Graphics

Only a professional designer can do a great job when it comes to social media graphics. I would recommend checking this social media graphic design tool called Canva where you can have premade templates for social media of exact size banners, posters, profiles,s and timeline pictures in professional style. You do not need to have graphic design skills. It has a drag and features with built-in elements you can use, and change color and size according to your need. Only for some top-class images, it charges $1 but that’s not much.

Post Scheduling tools

When we talk about post scheduling it is really a time taking process. Many of you are already so much busy that you cannot afford to manage social media accounts on daily basis.

How about you can schedule all your monthly posts for one day and they are published each day at the selected time? Here comes the Hootsuite which does the job automatically. It supports all the major social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. With the preview option, you can check what your post will look like and it also has ready-to-use free stock images you can use in your posts or use canva-designed images.

Hootsuite Free account has some limitations but a paid version which is $29 per month has the option to schedule unlimited pots for a month which is not a bad option.

Auto Likes on Facebook

After using the above-mentioned tools you will see that your page is showing regular updates but the problem is your posts have zero engagement because of Facebook’s limited reach as I discussed above.

The problem is if there are no likes, comments, and shares, your page is considered to be dead and no one will like to follow it. How about hiring a 3rd party to deliver likes, shares, and comments on each of your posts on daily basis?

Social Media Customer Support tool

Buffer reply is considered to be one of the top and most famous tools to respond to all your social media inquiries using one central inbox. You can connect to Facebook, Twitter, and Linked to manage all messages from social media channels. This is very useful if you have a customer support team and have a large number of inquiries every day. You can also tag, assign and move a conversation to another support agent to better manage the customer’s inquiries.

Social Media Analytics Tools

Just Posting and getting likes is not enough. You also need to know where all your fans are based and what activity they are performing on your page so that you can align your social media efforts and take actionable decisions. I would recommend using Facebook built-in analytics that does a great job.

Things NOT to do on Facebook

Do Not Share Too Often

Excess to anything is bad. The same applies to social media posting. When you publish too much it is considered spam in the eye of Facebook and may further limit your posts. Also, your Followers (Who have subscribed to get all your post updated via notification) may get irritated when they see too much from a single page. You should stay moderate in posting. The ideal number of posts is 6 to 10 times per day. Here is a detailed article on how often to post on Facebook.

With the help of Facebook insights you can figure out the peak hours of your audience and if you will post at that time you will get maximum engagement.

Do Not Use Boost Posts

Boosts post really a bad idea. We have performed several tests and found that even after boosting the post it does not reach all your followers and always asks to put in more money. You will continue to consume your budget but according to edge rank, you cannot reach all your targeted audience.

People have a mentality to follow the crowd, When you will buy likes from 3rd party for any post you will see an ice ball effect. Based on this effect Facebook will show increased reach and hit more people on Facebook. That is what we have tested and found interesting.

Do Not Promote Page on Facebook

It’s really not a good choice to promote your page on Facebook to acquire a number of likes. First of all, it is hell expensive. When you will calculate the cost of 1 likes it will be around $1 to $5 and what if they unlike your page without any reason? You have got nothing.

2ndly Facebook does not commit to a specific number of likes. It is very smart it commits to a number of people reach. That means it will just show your page to a certain number of people and charge you a Fee. It has nothing to do with how many likes you get. We have performed several experiments and found it a complete waste of money so using Facebook ads to attain page likes is not recommended.

Why you Should Consider Buying Facebook Likes?

Social Signals and Ranking Factors in Search Engine

A few years back Google rolled out an update in which it started showing a number of likes for a Facebook page in search results to help users understand how famous a page is and then it counted social signals mainly page likes, post engagements, and frequency of updates in search engine ranking factor. That means if you do not have a Facebook page you are lagging behind your competitors and missing the opportunity for social signals.

How about getting traffic from the search engines to your page? And then converting them into leads and customers? Yes, that is only possible when you have a huge amount of likes on your page. This ranking factor will remain valid in the year 2023.

Likes Contribute to Social Branding

No matter if you are a celebrity, online brand, artist, or offline business. You need to have a page on Facebook so that at least you can be found in a search engine when someone types in your name or business name in the search engine. Advance-level branding requires an investment of your time, efforts, and money. Plus, it takes time. When we talk about social branding for any business, Facebook likes to play a vital role in social branding. Because the first thing people notice is how many likes you have? At least a few thousand likes can prove your social credibility.

Cheaper Than Facebook Ads and Boost Post

As I have discussed above Facebook ads and boost posts both are poor choices. They will eat your budget and will not give you the expected results.

Buy Facebook page likes Cheap

How about getting an exact number of likes promised for a nominal fee? Where Facebook ads just commit for reach and NOT for a number of likes.

The next question which comes to mind is, are they real Facebook likes?

Good question. If you explore, Facebook rolled out an update last year to remove fake accounts.


Now Facebook is trying to do things like phone number verification, proof of photo ID, and other fool-proof measures to identify and remove fake accounts. In 2023 only real accounts can exist on Facebook. Its system has become so powerful that it will catch fake accounts sooner or later.

So, there is no need to worry that the likes from 3rd party are real or fake. They will be 100% real. Even some providers give a non-drop guarantee that if the likes drop they will refill free of cost.

Bridge for Future Prospects

Facebook likes are actually a bridge for your future prospects. An increased number of likes help you get more traffic to your page from search engine and also improve your website ranking. People will notice that you are famous on social media before they can make a purchase or deal with you. Social trust is created which pushes them to buy your product/service.

Fast and Affordable

Buying Facebook likes in 2023 is fast, affordable, and risk-free. Honestly speaking, it can take years to reach your first 1000 likes on Facebook if you go the natural way where your competitor has got millions of likes. Even in 2023, it has become very difficult without the help of 3rd party. Why wait too long and spend a lot of effort where you can get likes fast at an affordable price from 3rd party.

Money Trap Run by Facebook

Facebook ads could be a good choice but not a cheaper one. Also, you need to learn a lot of things before starting a campaign on Facebook another option is to hire a Facebook ads expert which will cost you double. You need to lean on Targeting options, demographics, interests, and geo-locations; before you run ads on Facebook, otherwise, you’re going to be stuck in a money trap run by Facebook.

How to Choose the Best Provider to Buy Facebook Likes

You need to perform some checks before choosing the right provider for Facebook likes. You can consider the following checks.

How Long They Have Been Operating

Well, it’s very easy, you need to check the domain age or its registration date which will give you an idea about how long they have been operating. There is a famous website which can pull up the registration information from where you can check when the domain is registered.

Another fool-proof way is to go to and put the domain name you will see its archive and older version to get an idea of how long they have been in this business by looking at their website years back.

The point is if a provider is a new player, he does not have much knowledge and will be considered an inexperienced one and may destroy your credibility by delivering low-quality service.

Do Not Give Admin Access to Your Page

Since Facebook has made it very difficult for 3rd party providers to deliver likes so many providers use Facebook ads to generate likes. But they will provide you with 3rd world country likes at a cheap price and obviously a low-quality service. They will ask you for admin access so that they can start Facebook ads campaign to acquire a number of likes for your page.

One of our top clients told us that he purchased likes from a provider who asked for admin access and in the end, he realized that the likes were from poor countries because the cost of advertising in that country is very low. Here is a list of those countries. Since those were non-targeted and most of them unliked the page and even some of them reported the page which is quite annoying. A worst case could be that you added a stranger as an admin of your page and he can remove you from admin access or misuse your page.

Check if They Offer Non-Drop Guarantee

Non-drop guarantee means if the likes will drop they will refill free of cost for a certain period of time, say 1 year. When we analyzed Facebook likes providers in the market we concluded that only a few of them offer a non-drop guarantee because of its uncertain nature. It all depends on Facebook blogs and updates.

You need to make sure that your likes provider has a non-drop guarantee to get rid of any future drop in likes.

How They Are Generating Likes

Well this is a kind of tricky question and many providers will hesitate to answer or may provide an unsatisfactory answer but you still need to know how they are generating likes. Many providers generate likes by advertising on 3rd party websites, blogs, forums, groups, and online communities which is safe. Some of them use likes exchange services or apps. Some of them have connections in china where likes factory work on thousands of smartphones.

Safe and Secure For Payment

This can be very critical while purchasing likes. If the website you are going to place an order if has a self-hosted checkout system and does not have an SSL then it is not safe to use. Your information or even your credit card info can be stolen from their website.

If they are using a non-hosted checkout system. For example, if the website goes to Paypal for payment and you get back to their website after the payment is completed, then it’s 100% safe to use.

Customer Support

Many Facebook likes providers are working blindly. They do not have a chat system or phone number. They are trying to hide their identity which is obviously not a good option to go with. Some of them have a direct phone number or toll-free number you can reach to find the status of your order.

Some providers have an online support ticketing system but that is still not a good way, because you have to wait for their answer. Phone support or live chat support is the way to go.

Price and Delivery Time

Obviously, the most important thing is how much they are going to charge you for the service and what is their delivery time for the like. I would suggest you not to run behind the cheapest one or you will end up with low-quality likes that will drop soon. Also not the expensive ones like will eat up all your budget and give you few likes only.

Here you need to do some research and find the one that has medium-level prices and has great quality based on the factors I mentioned above.

Check Their Customer Reviews Online

Customer reviews can be helpful when deciding on the right provider. You can simply type the company name in Google along with the word review and you will find some review sites where customers have shared their buying experience with that company. There is a website called which provides unbiased customer reviews for any company.

Other Things to Consider While Buying Likes for Facebook

There are some other points you need to consider before making your purchase decision for Facebook likes.

Your Profile or Page Should be Public

You need to check if your Facebook page/profile is public or private. Here you can find how to make your profile private. Please note that you can buy likes only if your page or profile is public. Public means anyone can access and like your page or post. There is a simple way to check this.

  1. Copy your Facebook profile or page URL
  2. Logout of Facebook account
  3. Paste the URL in the address bar

If you see your Facebook profile or page that means it’s public and accessible, if not then it’s private. You can also send your page or profile URL to 3rd party provider to check if they can deliver likes or not before making an actual purchase.

Country or Age Restricted Pages

Some type of pages are required by law to restrict the age limit to 18+ only or sometimes a local company just want its audience to be from a certain city or country so they can apply country restrictions on their page. Please note that you cannot buy likes for these types of pages until they are restricted. The best thing you can do is to remove the restriction temporarily and then place the order for likes. Once your order is delivered you can again apply the restriction. There is no harm in this.

Country or age-restricted help page on Facebook:

Send the Right URL

You should know the right URL for your page or post you want to get likes on. Here you can see how to post publically and get the right URL for any post.

Final Words:

There is absolutely no risk involved in buying Facebook likes, Fake likes do not exist now as Facebook has already screwed fake accounts. All likes you get now are 90% real likes. You need to know a few things first and do some research before choosing the right provider.