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Branding on Facebook is so easy with our Facebook followers service. We have the capacity to make your page or profile visible to thousands of real and active users of Facebook who will become your followers by their own choice. You will get 1000 followers for just $29 and if you want we can deliver a certain number of followers each day so that your profile looks more natural and you experience a gradual rise in followers.

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We offer you to purchase Facebook followers for your profile or page with Paypal or any debit or credit card. Please contact us if you face any problems in placing the order. 


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Note: These are non-US general worldwide Followers. Not from a specific country. If you need all USA Followers, Please Go to this page.

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Are you doing personal branding on Facebook and looking to increase your Facebook Followers? you have come to the right place. We have a system by which we can deliver thousands of real and active Facebook followers to your personal profile and you will get your dream followers easily.

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You can buy followers for any FB page. We offer you Facebook followers at the best and most affordable price and use legit ways to promote your page to acquire followers. We advertise your profile/page link on high-traffic pages, groups, forums, blogs, and Facebook pages with millions of users. The amount we are charging is the cost of advertising on these networks.

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Our system is so powerful that it can only bring active and real Facebook followers. They will receive all your updates and in fact, Facebook followers are potential customers you can offer them products or services. More followers will also improve your social presence and customer trust.

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We assure you that these are real followers and you are paying for the quality service.

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Buy Facebook followers to gain social popularity online

Facebook is the largest and most popular social media platform gaining more popularity with every passing day. Over the last few years, Facebook has gained enormous popularity, and people can reach thousands and millions of real customers worldwide with the help of buying real Facebook followers. It also has a system that allows people to become followers get in touch with the business or brand and stay updated for regular updates. It is important to know that you are missing many potential customers if you do not exist on this social network.

Many of your competitors are already having a strong presence on social media and it might be possible that they have purchased Facebook followers from a third-party provider like us. So, it’s time to beat your competitors on social media by acquiring real Facebook non-drop followers.

Ways to grab more Facebook followers

Your social media marketing starts with creating a new Facebook page, publishing some regular posts, and trying different marketing ways to promote your page. There are so many methods to market your Facebook business page, but you need to put in much effort, and it can take months or even years to reach your first 1000 Facebook followers if you choose to go with natural ways of marketing.

But why choose the slow method when there is a fast track available, i.e., hiring a third party to deliver real and active Facebook followers to your brand page? This way, you will acquire a great number of Facebook followers quickly and easily.

Our existing customers say that purchasing Facebook followers will grow your audience and help you reach new customers, and people can promote your service to them. That is why we claim that buying Facebook followers is a profitable investment.

More Facebook Followers, better ranking in search engine

Suppose you do not have a Facebook page. In that case, you lag behind your competitors and miss the opportunity for social signals. A few years back, Google rolled out an update in which it started showing the number of likes for a Facebook page in search results to help users understand how famous a page is, and then it counted social signals, mainly page likes, post engagements, and frequency of updates in search engine ranking factor.

How about getting traffic from the search engine to your page? And then converting them into leads and customers? Yes, that is only possible when you have a huge amount of Facebook followers on your page because;

  • It will boost search engine ranking for your page
  • You will get organic traffic to your Facebook page.
  • Google rewards only those pages which are authentic and famous on social media.

Facebook Followers are necessary to claim vanity URL

Once you have your page set up, the next thing you need to do is to claim a vanity URL for your business. Vanity URL is subject to availability so make sure to claim it as soon as possible, but there is another requirement that your page needs to have a minimum number of Facebook followers before you can claim the vanity URL. If you are a new business and do not have many followers, you can buy followers from us to reach the minimum threshold.

Buying Facebook Followers to get customers

Facebook followers are potential customers, and we cannot ignore their importance. A serious business needs to think about buying Facebook followers carefully. Infect: There are several methods to get Facebook followers. The most commonly known method is getting followers organically, purchasing followers, and using Facebook ads to get Facebook followers. The easiest and fastest way to acquire a huge number of followers on Facebook is to buy them from an authentic source like

What is the difference between Facebook likes and Followers?

This is very important to learn the difference between likes and followers. Both terms might confuse you.

  • A Like is a person who has chosen to attach their name to your page as a fan.
  • A follower is a person who has chosen to receive the updates that you post in their news feed (subject to the Facebook algorithm, of course).

Now it depends on the nature of your business whether you want to target more likes or followers. A person might unfollow a page (maybe to get no updates) but will remain like for your page. For celebrities, music industry people, and bands, likes matter a lot because they have millions of fans worldwide, and people like them.

On the other hand, if you are a business that offers products/services, then your post must reach your followers, and if your followers will not hit the like, share button or comment on any post, they will probably see fewer updates from your future posts. A person who likes your page can also be a follower.

Is it legal to buy Facebook followers?

It is 100% legal to purchase Facebook followers. Think of it like you are buying an advertising package for your Facebook page or profile where people see your page in ads and eventually follow it with their intention. But Facebook will never allow anyone to buy followers as they want people to run expensive ads on Facebook to acquire followers instead of using any 3rd party providers, which is way cheaper than Facebook ads.

How to buy followers on Facebook?

The method to buy Facebook followers is pretty simple. You need to follow the below-mentioned simple steps.

  1. Choose your desired package.
  2. Provide your page/profile URL along with your contact email
  3. Pay for the Facebook followers using Paypal (secure payment gateway)
  4. Relax and see the rising number of Facebook followers

You will get a confirmation email from us within 12 hours, but mostly, we confirm your order instantly. Once your order is confirmed, we will hand it over to the processing team, who will process it within 24 hrs. Please note that we can speed up or slow down the delivery process to make it look natural. Big orders like 10,000 Facebook followers can take up to 3 days to deliver.

Is it safe to buy Facebook followers?

This is a common question for people who want to become famous on Facebook and trying to understand if the purchased followers will be real or fake. They might think that if they share their page URL, it may result in an account ban or partial ban.

It’s 100% safe and secure to buy Facebook followers. We use a natural way to promote your page/profile, and there is no risk involved. We have a policy that we keep all the customer’s data safe in a secured server, and we do not share any of our customer data with anyone at any cost. So rest assured that it is safe to buy followers for Facebook from

Are these real Facebook followers?

We assure you that these are 100% real and active Facebook followers; we also give a non-drop guarantee which means if they drop, we will give you a free refill. Please note that these are not bot followers that drop off after a few days. These are real active Facebook followers that will stick to your page or profile forever. The amount we are charging is the cost of advertising on the networks we own.

Can I buy Facebook followers with Paypal?

We use a world-famous, and secure payment gateway called PayPal to process all the payments for our website. When you choose your package and enter your page URL, it will take you to the Paypal website for payments, and once you are done, you will come back to our website. That is the most secure way to process your payment. We do not hold any of your credit card info. Paypal processes all debit and credit card payments.

What items are needed to buy Facebook followers?

It is essential to know that we do not require admin access to your Facebook account.

We just need your:

  • Facebook page or profile URL
  • Your contact email to notify you when we start and finish

What will happen after I place the order?

You will receive a confirmation email from us, and you will start getting real Facebook followers within the next few hours. Please note that there might be a little delay on weekends as sometimes we have limited staff available, but we promise to deliver all orders within 24 hours. Please contact [email protected] for fast delivery or slow down the process.

Who should buy Facebook followers?

Social media marketing is a game where anyone can win by purchasing many followers on Facebook. Buying Facebook followers is a choice made by any individual or business or anyone looking to become famous on Facebook. It is not limited to a specific set of people. Many people assume that only brands, music people, and celebrities need to buy Facebook followers to gain popularity.

The social media market is very competitive these days. Suppose you are trying to become famous with the help of organic reach and trying to use natural ways. In that case, you will fail because Facebook has a limited reach that will not deliver your message to a large number of people based on their algorithm. Hence, you either need Facebook ads or use 3rd party services like to buy Facebook followers.

Are you cheaper than Facebook ads?

We proudly say that we are cheaper than Facebook ads. Please note that you need to learn how to run ads or hire a Facebook marketing expert for Facebook ads, which will incur a cost. Secondly, you will need to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads that commit to several people’s reach, no matter how many people will follow your page. If no one follows your page, you will still need to pay for the ads, and your ROI can become zero, and you end up wasting all your money.

Comparatively, on we commit to the number of followers you order and not the number of people reach, and it does not require hiring any Facebook campaign manager. Simply place the order and relax while keep watching the number grow. That is the reason we promise that we are cheaper than Facebook ads.

Can I Buy Facebook Followers for my Music or Band page?

If you belong to the music industry, run a record company, or are a musician or band, you have come to the right place. We have been working with many world-famous musicians and have helped them attain fame on social media with the help of our world-class Buying Facebook follower service. We do have a monthly service that will add certain followers each day to make them look more natural.

Can I speed up or slow down the delivery process?

We understand that sometimes people might want to gain many Facebook followers very quickly, especially when they compete with someone, or they might want to slow down the delivery process to make it look more natural and authentic.

Luckily, we have both options available:

  • speed up the delivery process
  • slow down the delivery process

You need to contact us via email at [email protected] or chat with customer support and we will make sure to follow your instructions.

Is it an automated service?

No, this is not an automated service, and real humans are behind this business. We manually check each order and process them after verification. Also, we do not deliver bots or system-generated followers.

Do you deliver Instant Facebook followers?

This service is not instant, and we manually process each order after verification. All this process takes time.

It is not recommended to get instant Facebook followers as they may harm your page, and Facebook may put a temporary hold on your page. We promise to start the delivery process within 24 hours of placing the order.

What other payment methods do you accept?

We accept direct debit and bank transfers for our USA, Canada, UK, and Australian customers. We also offer Western union, money gram, and bitcoin payment. Please get in touch with customer support or email us for arrangements for other payment methods.