Most people don’t talk about this much but it’s more than necessary for today’s age. Facebook fans are basically your customers. And customers are always right. If you don’t make sure that the fans aren’t properly attended to, then your page loses its value.

All technology is shifting towards the use of bots and AI. This is why people focus on automated messages now. However, not all know how to use the method properly. This article is going to walk you through the basic steps to not only please your facebook page fan base, but be more updated according to the 21st  century!

Messenger Greeting

Facebook has something called a “messenger greeting” but it’s not what you might think it is. It is anything but an appreciation message. Instead, it’s a default message that shows up at whatever point another client opens up a flag-bearer window to your page.

In case you’ve at any point used the live chat customer assistance on Amazon, you’ve presumably observed that when you start contact, a message is there, disclosing to you a rep will be with you in a minute, and so on.

Firstly, you need messaging enabled. To turn on the option, click the settings catch at the highest point of your page. In the general segment, click messages. There will be a choice that says “enable people to contact my page secretly by hitting the message button.” Check that box and save all changes.

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Greeting Users with Messenger

There are two unique ways you can use promotions to connect with the Facebook ad option .One of them is through nearby awareness advertisements, and the other is with explicit delivery person promotions.

Local awareness promotions are restricted, yet they’re most likely ideal for countless individuals perusing this. A large portion of you have local organizations, private companies that flourish with a nearby crowd as opposed to a worldwide group of  target audience!

Local awareness promotions depend on geographic area and trigger when a client is close by. By “close by” I mean inside two or three miles, by and large, and some of the time considerably nearer. You can use these promotions to tempt individuals to visit your business.

The send message action is a catch that advises people to send you a private message for inquiries etc. You can combine this with a ‘welcome message’ to give the customers a warm, friendly kind of feeling which can help you generate more leads.

Third Party Programs

There’s a single strategy I have known about that can message clients by means of Facebook Messenger without expecting to pay for advertisements and keeping in mind that going around the “client must start contact” rule. Before I go into it, however, I need to clear a couple of things.

To begin with, I don’t have a clue how these bots work.  If they do dodge a Facebook rule, it’s understandable that they’re infringing upon the terms of administration and that they could quit working whenever.

Secondly, you have to acknowledge Facebook’s algorithms. The reason they don’t enable brands to start contact is a similar reason you need to pursue a pamphlet before Amazon can email you; spontaneous and undesirable messages which are spam and are really unlawful. Producing such a large number of messages to people who don’t request them is probably going to lose you supporters and to have your record blocked.

Thirdly, one shouldn’t use this to give coupons, or extra offers. I presume that this standard is a piece of why the administration still exists; it’s not stepping on the toes of Facebook advertisements. You can give educational courses and sectioned informing, but not deals or promotions.

Lastly, if you need increasingly ideal authority over your informing, I suggest going an alternate way; making an application. This is somewhat of a straying here, yet hold on for me. If you need to send pop-up messages to a smartphone, you can do so through an application. An app can be downloaded through Facebook, and it guarantees that your followers are explicitly comprised of people who need to get your messages.

If you’ve been clicking links, you already know which app I’m talking about. It’s ManyChat!

So that was that. Hope this super cool and easy to understand guide helped out! Stay updated to our blog posts to learn more!