If 20th century was the “Century of Scientific Inventions” then the 21st is certainly the “Century of Communication”. Just a few years back the internet surfaced as a fast medium of communication and within a very few years it has become a major source of information in almost all parts of the world.

Orkut was probably the first love for the generation that was at peak of its youth during the first decade of this century. Social networking sites like Facebook kept emerging out of nowhere ever since, like mushrooms, yet one website that stands out among them all is Facebook.

more likes more profit

Mark Zuckerberg turned the communications world upside down through this invention that not only offered a chat service, an email carrier or a social sharing website but all these things jelled in to make Facebook one of the most visited websites out of the billions of web pages that are currently on the web. But what was it that no other website offered and Facebook did? Yes, it is the business pages that have much wider a reach with Facebook than any other social networking website could offer at that time.

Businesses from all parts of the world took to Facebook and within a few years, Facebook stands as one of the biggest opportunities for the businesses to brand themselves as the sole options for their consumers and with aggressive Facebook strategy, there is no doubt a business can reach out to the end users without much hassle and with much lower a cost.

Facebook posts having more likes certainly enjoy high reach and at the same time they also make others to listen to you carefully. Imagine, you open a page that has 63 like, would you really feel inclined to it? I guess, most of the times: No. But if a page has, let’s say, 148,069 likes on it and you see scores of likes on every post and high percentage of people commenting on them, you are most likely to feel good about the page. You would seriously feel that the page must be sharing some interesting stuff and you’ll most probably end up clicking the “Like” button.

Sharing great stuff is important, of course, but making others feel that you have a strong voice is equally important. Facebook likes definitely make your page a stronger voice and among thousands of pages being generated on every niche, ranging from a needle to Nuclear Physics courses, it is important for a page to have a higher reach and a better image of it among the general Facebook users who have every likelihood of being the ultimate consumers of the product that you or your company is offering.