Hi fellow! So you are searching how to get yourself on the top of Google search engine result page (SERP) right? Well let me tell you it’s not a small and easy thing. You have to do a lot of things to get it to the top but you can at least do some basic things to get good results. Here I’m gonna tell you some easy and effective things to do.

Make your website search engine friendly

Before giving rank to any website, Google first dig out what’s in it actually. It crawls through your website content, note down the key words used several times and on different places. But in all these years Google has improved itself way too much. It is now able to differentiate between the real content and the fake content in which you put the same words forcefully in your content to show that your web result should rank high if searched for that specific keyword. So mark my words don’t go for it. It’s not only useless but it will also bring negative ranking to your page.

Organic Content For Your Website to Rank Higher

Use natural language and use your keyword naturally in your content. Don’t use it to much otherwise it will be considered as keyword stuffing. Write at least 200 words for your every page and product and provide as much information as you can. Never copy anything from any other site or it will create bad image. Never leave any place blank whether it is shown on your web page or not. Fill all the descriptions and caption boxes because Google can crawl through every part of your page and product. The more information you provide the better it is for your page score and the more it is relevant to your site the better it is to put you on the top.

If you wanna go further about it take help from search engine optimizers like (your ref) they will charge you a bit but can bring amazing results.

Getting Facebook Likes for Improving Search Engine Ranking

Amazingly! Google is not just limited to your web site page now. It has created some tremendously great ways to linkup your social presence with your page ranking. If you are a social individual or a business, Google will automatically rank you higher than the others who don’t have any social contact with their audience. If we forget about the Google and its related things just think about it; only Facebook is considered to be the third largest populated country online after China and India. Then why someone can neglect such big audience if hitting for fame. Google thought the same thus developed a system which is capable of linking your social presence with your website ranking. So! What are you waiting for? Make your social media pages and start floating them around.

Pages with Huge Number of Likes Rank Higher

It’s simple how it works. The more likes you have on your page the more rank you will get from Google. Now there are so many ways by which you can get likes or increase likes. I’ve been talking about it in some of my previous articles

So just to start you can go through it. But these are slow and time taking efforts with good and long lasting result. But obviously if you want to get it done faster and in easier way simply send us your Facebook page URL and we can send thousands of real likes in no time. Click the button below to get started.