If this is what you are facing then stop worrying about it as it’s not a problem. Sometime it only takes a bit research work to get rid of a problem because the actual problem is that no one can know everything right? So in this case I’ll share some knowledge and tips by which you can get so many likes with just little efforts.

Facebook Page Status Updates

When you create a fantastic page with all the things set towards your goal you have to keep communicating to your targeted people as there is a lower rate of people visiting again if your page is not communicative. Most of time when people ask me the reason why they are no getting revisits or unlikes on their page, I found the same reason of no status updates for weeks or updates every hour. Too less communication decreases the interest of people and too much communication is irritating. So have a plan about it. Post things when you have more people online. For that you can check Facebook page insight > posts.


Keep track of your Facebook page insight

Facebook provides a great insight about your page performance. It can tell you what is your page reach, how many people have liked your page, on what time your audience is online etc. It provides demographics, location and so many other statics about your page. Stick to that and keep tracking it to define your strategies to do well on your page. Find out whether you should focus more on males or females. Find out what are likes and dislikes of your audience and what kind of posts do good and have more reach.


Link your personal profile with your page

It’s a great but simple way to get links back on your page. By this way you have more chance to get likes. So don’t ignore it. You can link it in your employment section. Like here is a sample.


How to Get More Facebook Likes

If you are interested in getting likes and promote your page then I suggest not waiting for people to like it by their self as it will take time to start and so much effort and knowledge of insight. I would suggest taking a head start and boosting your likes before getting to the normal maintenance routine. As per price and efficiency I would suggest you to get first few thousand likes by advertising. This can be a reliable and faster source to get started as these outsourcers have links in so many famous communities and on hundreds of different websites to keep in touch with thousands of Facebook people. They can promote your page for you just by the URL of your Facebook page and can bring thousands of likes in very short time. So give it a try to boost your business. Click the below to get 1000 likes on your page.