Let me tell you that you are among those 30% people who actually know the power of Facebook and its status shares. As more you share your status the more its reach will be Reach is the number of people a post can access through Facebook, like if 100 people saw your post then 100 is the reach. So the more reach the better are chances to get Facebook likes, interaction and our most favourite thing “sales”. So let’s come to the point and have some questions, answered.

1 – How much I should post on Facebook?

From many cases I saw the most prominent issue found is that admin don’t interact much. I mean come on! People have so much to do on Facebook, why they will remember you if you don’t interact? So to be in your customers mind be on their news feed otherwise they will forget you. Another worst case is when people post too much. Every 90 sec they post something. This is also annoying. No one wants to see his news feed filled with your posts only. An unlike is on its way. So be moderate in it. I will suggest 3 to 5 posts are more than enough in a day.


2 – What time is best to post on Facebook?

Don’t believe any one on this as everyone has different kind of people on his page and they have different times to come online. So I’ll suggest that you need to check it on your Facebook insight that which time is better.

Then click the post tab


Now here you can check total number of people who came online in 7 days and the times of people coming online. So select your post time according to this.

3 – What kind of pictures should I post?

Never post blur pictures as they are not catchy and can divert anyone watching it. So don’t give your viewer this chance to ignore you. Always post high quality, clear and catchy pictures which could attract.




4 – How Many Words should be in My Post?

I would say 100 to 150 characters only. It will be 2 to 3 lines which is easy to read and understand and more likely to be shared or liked rather than full page article type status. Just think about will you read a status of 50 to hundred words or more? I mean if someone wants to read article he can go to Wikipedia or sites like that then why on Facebook?

5 – Should I post about something other than my page?

Yes you can do it but you are an authentic voice as people are watching your every move. So 1st of all don’t talk without evidence, don’t speak about which you don’t have knowledge. Don’t post which is not ethical. Humor is good thing but beware if you are running a hospital page or a “stop women abuse” campaign. Be specific and always speak the truth. And avoid controversial topics like politics or Muslim issues. I mean why to talk about someone and hurt. Why not to speak about common and general things?

6 – Is there any other way I can get more status share?

Yes sure. 1000-likes.com is the company which runs a lot of different Facebook pages, groups and communities, blogs and forums. When your page or post is advertised to large number of people. Many of them become your fan.

So what you need to do is to provide your post URL on which you want to get shares and we will do the rest. More info can be found on the link below.