Ok so now you have created your page what now? You need page likes now if you want to get Facebook insight and you also want to increase your page reach (to how many people your post is appearing). What to do for that? How can we increase our page likes? How can I increase the page reach? How can I promote my page to as many people as it is possible?

There are 3 simple ways to get started

Your Page Content Should be Appealing

Content of the page is the most important thing when you are going to promote your page. As there are so many ways to attract people to visit your page as I’ve been talking about in my previous articles but when the person visits the content decides that he will stay or not. If the content is catchy and attractive and is according to the interest of the person, he will surly stay to see more and will also like the page to get further updates in future. But if the content is irrelevant or blur or not up to the mark then he might not enjoy and get away.


Get Likes Now

Now when you have good content on your page, it is time to boost your likes on your page as to reach more people you need more likes. At least you should have 1k likes to get started. There are several ways which I have discussed in my previous articles which can give you sufficient likes. But for faster boost you can click here to view photo likes packages and take advantage of this service. But beware of those fake companies which ask your user name and password to deliver likes. Only URL is required to give likes as they just promote your URL in all their links to get you like. So search consciously and decide after good thinking if you don’t trust.

Be Active on Facebook Page

Now when you have good contacts and good number of likes, all you need to do is just retain what you have. The best way to do it is to be an active person. Both ways of posting are wrong as in most cases posting too much or posting once in a month is proved bad in page management. So post 4 to 5 posts daily including humor, product related posts and hot topics. Be active and engage with people. Like their activity to get back the favor and engage maximum.