In this blog post we are going to share a happy story which is one of our customer write about our Photo Likes service. He was about to participate in a photo like contest and he contacted us. We gave him the plan and made him win the photo likes competitions. Here we go.

Photo Likes Contest in my College:

Hi, I am Chris and I am a college student. Everyone is using Facebook in my class and many of my class mates are keep on hosting Facebook photo likes contest. I was a silent observer in the class and was not too much in the contest or hustle and bustle. This time they also invited me to participate in the photo likes competition. I was not happy because I am not an expert Facebook user and I use just to pass the time and to communicate with other friends.

The Story About Photo Likes Game:

We were 4 participants in the game. All of us were assigned same photo which we will be using on our wall and we will invite all of our friends, collogue and other members of Facebook to likes that photo. The participant who will bring maximum number of likes to that photo will be the winner of the game. And amazingly the winner will get a prize of $500. OMG! After knowing this I started taking interest in the game.

Easy and Quick Way for Photo Likes:

All of us invited all frinds, family members to like the photo but no one could cross 1000 likes on that photo. We had 1 day left for photo likes competition. I started exploring photo likes providers and I reached I contacted them on live chat that I want 2000 photo likes within 24 hours. Support team assisted me and cooperated with me. I was not expecting that I will get likes to quickly and just for $80 I got 2000 likes on my photo.

Who Was the Winner of Photo Likes Contest?

OMG! the very next day when we reached college. All of the participants were hesitant to talk to me. At the same time all of our class mate checked number of likes for all the 4 participants and Finally they declared me the winner. I had more then 2000 likes on the photo and all of them has less the 1000 likes on photo. I was awarded the $500 amount of prize.


Thanks to

I would highly appriciate the service they provided and I would recommend all those who are participating in photo likes competition and want to win the contest easily.