Status Likes and shares are the things which not only improve your social interaction but it can also improve your edge rank and people talking about. So, in order to become familiar on Facebook we need to pay attention to gain as much status likes and shares as possible. Even status with high number of likes and shares tends to rank higher in news feed.

The Ordinary Way to Get Status Likes and Shares:

There are lots of ordinary ways to get more likes and shares for your status. That is as ask questions to your subscribers. Your post must engage and appeal to your followers. Your page should be a reference for the field you represent . Talk to your fans as if you were talking to your friends and think before you publish any post. Talk about who you are and what you do. Ask users to talk about your brand. Do not ignore even a single message sent to your page. Reward those who follow you on Facebook and likes most of the status you share on Facebook.


The Powerful Way to Get Status Likes and Shares:

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