We have been asked this questions many times on chat request and on the discussion forums that what is the process of delivering likes and how does the system of Facebook likes works. So, I thought we need to have a blog post on this so that we can explain in detail and make things clear to you.

First of all we want to make it clear that there no monetary value involved to the number of people who like your page. People like your page with their own intention and we do not force them in any way.

We deliver Likes By Advertising:

We have made a lot of research on getting real likes for Facebook pages, post, images , video and found that the best and most cost effective way of getting likes is by advertising that’s why we picked this way to generate likes.

In this process what we do we advertise your page URL on the related groups, pages, blogs and website we own and manage. When your page is advertised on high traffic pages and websites it is seen by lots of people who become your fans. When the ordered number of likes are delivered we stop the advertising. In this way you ll get real likes for your page.

buying fb likes

Buying 1000 Facebook Likes , how does it work?

Status Likes and Status Shares:

We are also offering service to improve you status likes for Facebook. In this process we advertise your status on related groups, pages and websites. That’s why we just require facebook status URL. It can be a text status, video status or a picture for which you want to improve likes or status. Yes, the process is very simple and smooth and you do not need to worry about it.

How I can place Order:

How to order is very simple. You just need to go to the related product page from the top navigation and choose the desired package. Please note that currently we are accepting payment by credit cards and paypal. We require your page URL or status URL whatever the case is and deliver likes within few hours. Click the button below to get started. Thanks.