Thanks for showing interest in reading this interesting blog post. Its actually a real story of one of our customer which she wished to be posted on our blog so that our audience can better understand how it works.

Things are not as much easy as they seems to be. Few days back one of my friend told me that he has got 1000 likes on the picture he posted on his profile and he has won the photo likes contest hosted by his class fellows. I was shocked to know that he only has 129 friends added on facebook, how come that he has got that much amount of likes on his photo. I asked the reason but he did not wish to explain the process and the source from where he got 1000 likes on that photo.

Anyone on Facebook can Like Your Picture:

Well, I keep on searching and explored the photo which we were talking about and I could see that most of the poeple liking the photo were not from his friend list and I realized that they were real facebook users then I came to realize that anyone on facebook can like the picture if it is set as public. What he did he posted the photo as public that means anyone can access the picture and like that. Well, nice trick was that.

Put Your Picture on High Traffic Page or Website:

What he did next, he placed that photo URL (see the image below how to get the photo URL) on some high traffic pages and websites where it was noticed by lots of facebook users who liked that picture and made him win the contest. Now the question is that how he reached those high traffic website and pages?


This is how he got the photo URL

When I explained him all this story he told me that he went to who have a team of professional running lots of high traffic pages, websites and blogs where they can advertise your page, photo, video or any facebook status and can get you thousands of real likes in just few hours.

How I Reached Those High Traffic Pages and Websites:

I simply logged on to and communicated with their live chat agent and he helped me in a very good way that they can deliver real picture likes in few minutes so I placed the order and got more then 1000 likes for my picture too and you will shocked to know that I was the next winner in photo likes contest.

A guest blog post written by one of our happy customer: Adrienne smith