Facebook analytics (insight) can be a confusing thing for any new user at 1st but when you get to know it, its goanna be the best thing for you as an admin. As you can see results of your activities like how many people are liking it, sharing it even how many people are watching it. You will know which kind of posts are performing well on your page which you should use again and which time is better for your post. By having all this data you can devise new strategies and your future plans to make your page a success story. There are some ways we are going to discuss, which will prove worth for you.

Analyse Your Personal Account in General:

Now it is very easy to have an eye on each post and overall page working. The general overview can tell you the total likes and its full week execution. By this you may know how your week in comparison with the previous. Same is the case with the reach. You may know which your best day in this week is and how it is against your previous. You may know the real engagement of people on your page which is the most important thing as “the more the engagement is the more your page’s popularity is”.


Concentrate on Things Which Bring Likes:

Insight provides progress of every single post. How many comments on it, how many shares and how many likes on it. Keep an eye on it if you want to know which kinds of posts are able to get you more likes and engagement.

Study the Audience and Their Behavior:

You can find out on which time most of your followers are online. That will tell you which the best time to post is. In a result you can make your post appear on the news feeds of your fans on the top. This is the best way to increase the engagement. If the content is good engagement chances are higher.

Learn to Read the Facebook Analysis of Reach:

Reach means the number of people to which your post was appeared and the more it is the better it is. There is a tab to see the reach in your insight page. Check out the fluctuations of reach and the reasons that if the post was good or bad, how many people naturally liked your page and which likes are drawn by your paid advertisements.