Your new Facebook page is just like a newborn baby who has to fight for existence and once he has grown up he can keep on improving physically. So for a newly born Facebook page, we need to put a lot of time into building fans because no one knows about it and primarily we need to reach those targeted people who can further promote the page and with the help of new updates we can keep on getting more Facebook likes for our page.

The Lazy Way to Get More Likes:

There are some lazy ways to get Facebook likes which are ordinary ways and which everyone is doing like inviting friends, and putting page links on other pages and in email but I am sure you won’t get your initial 1000 likes by doing all these or maybe it can take a year to reach first 1000 Facebook likes and 2ndly you need to put a lot of efforts and time building fans and keep them engaged.


The Easy and Fast way:

I would say that the easiest and fastest way to get Facebook likes is to publish your page on high traffic website where it will be noticed by lots of real people who will like your page and become your fan on Facebook. What we do, we advertise your Facebook page on high-traffic websites to get you the first 1000 real Facebook likes for your page. Click on the button below for more details.