Facebook is a network for engaging friends and families with everyone to share their status and updates. Facebook is generating business with ads showing at right side of your new feed. Small business can purchase those ads to target their audience which exist on Facebook. But when we talk about small business, facebook ads are not a good choice for them. We will discuss several reasons why they are bad choice.

Expert Needed to Design ads:

Do you know everyone cannot design a targeting ad copy and you really need a facebook PPC expert to control, manage and monitor facebook ad campaign and that professional will cost you extra. Even if you are not getting sales you have to pay him.

Facebook Ads are Expensive:

Did you check per click ad price? It’s too high even and if your visitors are not converting you will lose that money because not every click gives you sale.

Time Taking Process:

Ads would not give you instant clicks because only few people click on ads. Even you can ask yourself did you ever click on ads at left side? A facebook ads survey showed that only 80% of the people do not click on ads and that’s why you get less exposure.


Negative aspect on Facebook Ads:

Its human mentality that they want to explore things but they do not buy till they really need that product/service so you will lose those clicks which are just coming to visit your website or page and not converting. People can also think that if products are not getting sold that’s why they are showing in ads.

People hate Irritating Ads:

There is no doubt that ads are irritating and people hate them too that’s way most of the people ignore them or unwontedly click on them to get your ads removed from facebook.

Low Conversion rate:

It will take a lot of time to get people click on ads and people will visit your website or page and then leave it. Eventually you will have less conversion rate.

No Ads No Sales:

Once you will stop putting money on ads your sales will stop. I would suggest that you do not need to fully rely on ads you must need to focus other networks too. SEO and Google PPC will cost you less and give you more conversions.

Cheapest way to Get Facebook Likes:

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