Thanks for showing interesting in this interesting blog post. Today we are going to discuss the most effective way to get more facebook likes for your photo. People shares a lot of things on facebook and all of them do not get huge number of likes. People only like those things which catch their attention and rest of things are ignored. The process which I am going to share can generate likes for anything you share on facebook regardless of its interesting or not.

What If the Photo is Not Interesting?

There is no matter if the photo is interesting or not. You will still get a large number of likes on that photo or status. For example if your page has limited number of likes or you are sharing a photo on your wall and you have few friends then it will not get enough number of likes even if the photo is interesting.

Make Sure That Photo is Public:

First of all you need to make sure that the photo you are going to post on facebook must be posted as public and should be accessible without login to facebook. That means anyone from outside the facebook can view the photo and if he/she is login to facebook he can further like the photo.


Put the Photo on High Traffic Pages:

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