Pictures speak a thousand words, especially online. Proof that a picture is a hit with online users is when it receives likes and shares on Facebook. But it doesn’t have to be just a picture. It should also tell a story that reaches out to people.

Now, here are the five kinds of pictures that are most likely to get likes and shares on Facebook:

 1. Internet Memes

Memes are viral pictures that usually come with a personalized caption. These are usually shared through social networking sites such as Facebook. Most of the captions are humorous and poke fun at people and situations. Some of the well-known memes are Success Baby, Good Girl Gina, All The Things, and Scumbag Steve. It’s easy to make memes nowadays and upload it on Facebook, because of the popular meme generators on the Internet. You just have to choose a meme, type your own caption, and post it for sharing purposes.

Another form of popular memes are ecards. These ecards usually have old-fashioned pictures of persons and they come with a caption that is oftentimes sarcastic in humor. Like meme generators, you can also create your own ecard with its funny caption.

These memes are liked and shared on Facebook, because people can relate to the shock and humorous value of it.

 2. Inspirational quotes

Everyone needs a little pick me up every now and then, especially when things are going down. This is why photo quotes have become so popular on the Internet, because of the appeal of the images and the inspirational message it brings. There are some Facebook pages dedicated to photo quotes, and you can like a page to get your daily supply of inspiration. Plus, it’s easy to share these photos with your Facebook friends.

3. Human interest stories

Sometimes, you see Facebook pictures that tells a story, like a child who got healed of an illness or a cause that needs attention. Most human interest stories fall on the serious side, but there are also some that are light and heart warming. The Facebook page, Humans of New York, have different pictures that tell a story. The official photographer goes around New York and does snapshots of people and a short quip about it. As of now, Humans of New York has 3.9 million subscribers and counting. The HONY pictures received thousands of likes and shares. This shows that us, humans, can be united together through pictures and a story that tugs at the heartstrings and connects all of us.

4. Throwback photos

Hashtag use is now allowed in Facebook, and this feature is helpful for those who want to find similar posts and photos under a certain topic. This is especially helpful for Throwback Thursday posts. The reason why throwback photos is appealing is because it makes you feel like you’re also a part of the friend’s picture, especially when you grow up together. Another thing, it gives you a glimpse into a person’s interesting past.

5. Celebrity pics

Pictures of celebrities doing their activities and their everyday life will always get likes and shares from Facebook, especially if it’s the official Facebook page of a celebrity. Having a mass following on Facebook is an advantage for celebrities who wants to be accessible to fans and is a proven popularity boost. Shares and likes on a celebrity picture is a good indicator of popularity.

Whatever type of photo you share on Facebook, make sure that it is worth sharing and being liked.


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About the author:

This is a guest post written by Eliza Sullin who is a college student who takes up Psychology. Her time spent on social networking sites helped her to write her best essays on social media for her part-time job as a freelance writer. Feel free to connect with her on Google+.