Facebook is founded in 2004, and it has shown a great number of amounts in success. Facebook is a top level social media network. It has launched its initial public offering (ipo) in summer 2014 which one of the most likely street wall events in the internet history. In such a short time it was great success. After ten years, Facebook is still young company considered in the business world.

Annual Growth of Facebook:

Mostly Facebook revenue is derived from advertisements. Business.com observe that Facebook receive one fifth from the banner advertisement if compared with others. Click through rates is most important because in grows as more clicks on advertisements gives higher chance a user can purchase.

On the other side, for wall postings the specific brand or product pages has rate high as 6.4%. And it can be seen through rates. Another research is that 40% videos seen on Facebook completely.


The Number of Amounts:

In the start of 2006, Facebook has earned $52 Million from the advertisements and this was the first year of Facebook. In 2007, Facebook has really take-off with 188% growth rate. As compared with 2006 Facebook has earned $150 Million. Similarly in 2008 the growth rate is 87% and $280 Million in revenue. In 2009 the growth rate is 177% and $775 Million in revenue. In 2010 Facebook has jumped from $775 Million to $2 Billion and again growth rate is 158%. In 2013 revenue is increased up to $7.8 Billion and growth is 55%.

Impact of Social:

The immeasurable social impact of Facebook. When Facebook is integrated on mobile devices then it allowed to completely connecting with Facebook in new manner. But on the opposite side, some believes that Facebook promotes antisocial phenomenon. Because two people cannot communicate with each other via phone call or face to face.

Business and Facebook Likes:

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