I would say that organic traffic is everything when we talk about any page on internet. It can be a website page or a Facebook page. Remember, when you are getting organic traffic your number of likes will automatically increase and your page will get more popularity.

Search Engine Friendly Facebook Page:

First and most important thing is to complete your Facebook page. There should not be even a single missing item. Fill out details as much as you can include address, phone number, website URL, about us. It should have an attractive timeline image and a profile photo.

There should be no privacy set for your page. All items and each post should be posted as public. Please note that search engine can only crawl pages and posts set as public.

Create Notes on Facebook:

Weather you have a new promotion, a blog post on your website, a press release or a company update, Make sure to post them not only on Facebook but also in the notes. Notes are the items which appear in search engine for different keywords and you will get organic traffic from it. These are easy to create and you can also use HTML links and images in that.

Build links for your Facebook page:

More number of backlinks for your Facebook page, better ranking in search engine. So in order to achieve high ranking in search engine you need to build links for your page. Link your page to your website. Post it on blogs and other pages you own. Link it with twitter and Linkedin.

More Likes Better Ranking in Search engine:

Do you know number of likes and number of talking about are showing in search engine result pages? From where people can see how popular your page is so in order to achieve high ranking in search engine you must have high number of likes. That shows that facebook likes have direct impact on ranking.


How to Get More likes to Improve Ranking:

I would suggest you to go for low cost advertising to gain more number of likes.


Number of likes has a great impact on ranking and your page popularity. You cannot improve organic traffic with less number of Facebook likes.