First we look at e-commerce in general, it is important due to the fact that we are at the digital age, when we look for something, we don’t use the yellow pages anymore, everything is at the tip of our fingertips. We look for products and services online and we get multiple options as well as point of comparison. For the small business, we get to know the trend from what to stock more in terms of products, we can also use that in our services to focus on what is in demand.

For Facebook, almost everyone has a Facebook account and knows about it. It has become a household name. It is now important to have one for every business, irrespective of its industry or size, to understand and capitalize on the importance of social media and social commerce. As of Novemeber 2015, Facebook has 1.4 billion users. Every year, more and more people choose to create Facebook accounts to reach out to their loved ones, friends, and collegues. In a business’s sense, this is a social media platform that cannot be ignored.

If you are searching or looking for the perfect reason to consider social commerce, it should be because, “majority of social media users are here.” There are multiple reasons why businesses choose to use Facebook than other social media providers and these are the major ones:

  1. They can make it easy for current customers and potential customers to find them.
  2. They can engage all market, especially their target market audiences and stay connected with them.
  3. They can use Facebook as a low cost marketing tool that offers quality results.
  4. It fosters a community of loyal customers to keep coming back and even spread the news about the  business.

And the most important thing in all business is to increase sales and revenue through social commerce.

facebook commerce

There are lots of reasons that we can add here but I’d like to focus on the top 5 mentioned above, they are essential for every business to be searchable and accessible, it’s like handing your virtual calling card to the right people. Once you get the attention, you need to be keen in listening to your consumers. It is vital to give customer satisfaction, otherwise, it won’t give you the boost you need. It is a double edge sword as it may give bad feedback to bad experiences and this may drive potential customers away but this does not give you all negative results as you can interact with those dissatisfied customers to tell you what they didn’t want, what they experience that was bad for them and this can help you correct the errors.

Also to be featured in Facebook is quite inexpensive knowing the large audience it can garner, it is a good investment plus you can tweak it to customize in targeting specific audiences that are into what you are offering. Lastly, it will help your physical store in terms of meeting your goals or even surpassing what you target. Overall, this is key in every business now, invest in Facebook commerce.

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