Facebook is a social platform with extensive users. Normally, users post their status, images, videos and they have whim for maximum likes and shares to become popular on Facebook. But it is not easy; you will need to pay Facebook to boost your post so that it can reach maximum people but this is the costly way.

It is a fact that the Facebook post reaches only to those members who like your post or have showed any previous interaction with your post. But others who only like your page but do not interact with your posts will never view your upcoming posts.

In order to get maximum exposure for your post, I am going to share 6 astonishing ways to get likes and shares quickly.

1 – Use a vivid idea:

There are many types of posts some are pictorial, others contain text and few of them contain both. But I would suggest a way to use a vivid idea because some fans are non-technical who cannot fully understand your message or may get confused.

2 – Know Your Audience:

You should have a complete knowledge about your audience that what type of posts they like and love to share. If you will publish a post that is irrelevant people will not like it or share it. You can get this data from Facebook page insight that what types of posts are getting higher number of likes.

3 – Use Captions on image:

Studies have proved that images having text get high number of likes as compared to dry text posts. People are attracted towards colorful big writings and that’s why these posts perform better than other type of posts.


4 -Use Creative way

People are attracted towards creative ideas and creative things. You can post astonishing and creative images, text posts and interesting quotes, exciting pictures and people will like it. This sort of posts attracts users and compels them to share and like.

5 – Tag people as much as you can:

This is another way to get more people to like your posts and get more interactions. Whenever you post you can tags famous people who normally like your posts. When you will tag them, they will be notified and feel excited and eventually like or share your post.

6 – Use 3rd party providers to get Likes:

There are many 3rd party providers of Facebook likes. They can put your post on high traffic pages, blogs, forums etc and make your post popular and this way you get a lot of real likes, shares and comments. You can check these monthly plans if you want to get Facebook likes on daily basis.